فاریکس تجزیہ اور جائزے: Experts are waiting for a new round of correction, Kevin O'Leary continues to buy bitcoins.
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In previous articles, we have already figured out why bitcoin will likely continue declining. From our point of view, the tightening of the monetary policy of many central banks, the incomprehensible actions of Elon Musk, and the deterioration of the geopolitical situation in the world are sufficient grounds for the extra volatile cryptocurrency market to maintain a "bearish" trend. Also, recall that each "bullish" trend ended with a total drop of "digital gold" by 80-90%. So far, bitcoin has fallen by only 65%, so there is still much to strive for. The absolute majority of factors now speak in favor of further decline. Even technical, since the price cannot gain a foothold above any of the important levels or lines and adjust normally.

Nevertheless, American businessman Kevin O'Leary, known for his bitcoin investments, said that he continues to buy the main cryptocurrency, despite its decline in the last 6–8 months. "I have always said that you will face volatility in an industry that is not regulated," O'Leary said. "I don't see the point in selling bitcoin at every downturn because, after that, a new period of growth will follow!" "If you are going to stay in the market for a long time, you can afford to invest in an asset at almost any value on a bearish trend," O'Leary believes. According to the businessman, bitcoin is practically not owned by large institutional investors now; the asset is going through hard times, but sooner or later, a recovery period will begin, and many former market participants will rush to buy it again. It should also be noted that Michael Saylor (head of Microstrategy) continues to invest any free and even borrowed money in bitcoin. Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele also continues to buy bitcoin.

At the same time, the guys from CoinShares believe that in the next 24 months, bitcoin will update its value maximum, but before that happens, it may sink even lower. At the same time, CoinShares does not believe that bitcoin will fall below the $14,000 level. At the same time, CoinShares Strategy Director Meltem Demirors believes that most of the cryptocurrencies will disappear at the end of the "bearish" trend. Many investors will "return to the roots" and invest their capital in those cryptocurrencies that have existed from the very beginning and are at least somewhat stable. According to her, at the moment, there is not a single sign of the beginning of a "bullish" trend. Earlier, the head of Galaxy Digital Mike Novogratz, also known for his favorable attitude to cryptocurrencies, shared his opinion that the "black days" for the cryptocurrency market will last for another 18 months. However, he also does not expect "bitcoin" to fall below $14,000. Thus, many well-known experts are waiting for a further decline, and all technical indicators indicate the incompleteness of the downward trend.

Paolo Greco,
انسٹافاریکس کا تجزیاتی ماہر
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اپنا سوال پوچھیں بذریعہ چیٹ.