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Technical Analysis of ETH/USD for November 30, 2023

Crypto Industry News:

Forbes, known for appreciating young entrepreneurs, revealed its famous "30 under 30" list. It represents potentially the wealthiest people who are under 30 years old. Interestingly, as many as 14 places were taken by professionals working in the crypto sector or related to it.

However, this is a decline compared to last year's cryptocurrency boom. In response to last year's mistake, when Forbes singled out former cryptocurrency billionaire and FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, the publishing house decided to publish a special edition of the "Hall of Shame".

The "30 under 30" list includes Ham Serunjogi, co-founder of Chipper Cash. His startup, valued at $2.2 billion, allows instant money transfers between Uganda, South Africa, Nigeria, the United Kingdom and the United States. The company serves 5 million customers, enabling them to pay bills and trade stocks and cryptocurrencies.

Maxwell Stein, a digital assets professional at BlackRock, is the youngest member of the company's digital assets team. He helped form the fund's first crypto investment. In August, the company integrated with the custodian, Coinbase Prime.

Hayden Adams is the founder of Uniswap Labs. He launched Uniswap in 2018, which has become one of the most popular crypto apps, with millions of users. This year it has already exceeded one trillion dollars in total trade volume.

Eva Beylin, director of The Graph Foundation, led the distribution of over $135 million in grants to core developers of The Graph. It is an indexing protocol for blockchain data. He made $50 million this year under the leadership of Tiger Global.

Other honorees include: Victor Faramond, co-founder and CTO of MoonPay, Kevin Sekniqi, co-founder of Ava Labs, Lydia Hylton, partner at Bain Capital Crypto, Kanav Kariya, CEO of Jump Crypto and Kinjal Shah, partner at Blockchain Capital.

Charlie Javice was included in the "Hall of Shame", alongside Bankman-Fried and Caroline Ellison. Founder Frank, who appeared in federal court in New York in August on fraud charges. She was joined by Lucas Duplan, founder of Clinkle.

Technical Market Outlook:

The ETH/USDT pair has been rejected from the level of $2,139 again which makes this level a possible Double Top on the H4 time frame chart. The market moved lower and since then the bears keeps testing the short-term trend line support around the level of $2,039. The key short-term technical support for ETH is situated at $1,947, and only a clear and sustained breakout below this level would prompt a shift in the short-term outlook to bearish. The next target for bulls is the swing high located at the level of $2,139, but first bulls need to break out above $2,075 and $2,128.

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Weekly Pivot Points:

WR3 - $2,700

WR2 - $2,322

WR1 - $2,191

Weekly Pivot - $1,983

WS1 - $1,832

WS2 - $1,624

WS3 - $1,265

Trading Outlook:

The Ethereum market has consistently formed lower highs and lower lows since reaching the swing high in mid-August 2022 at $2,029. For the bulls to sustain the upward trend, breaking through this pivotal level is imperative. The crucial technical support at $1,368 holds significance, and as long as the market maintains trades above this level, the overall outlook remains bullish.

انسٹافاریکس کے ساتھ کرپٹو کرنسی کی معاملاتی تبدیلیوں سے کمائیں۔
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    اپنے اکاؤنٹ میں 3000 ڈالر جمع کروانے پر موقع حاصل کریں - اس شرط پر پورا اُترتے ہوئے اس مقابلہ میں شرکت کریں
    مقابلہ میں شامل ہوں
  • ٹریڈ وائز، ون ڈیوائس
    کم از کم 500 ڈالر کے ساتھ اپنے اکاؤنٹ کو ٹاپ اپ کریں، مقابلے کے لیے سائن اپ کریں، اور موبائل ڈیوائسز جیتنے کا موقع حاصل کریں۔
    مقابلہ میں شامل ہوں
  • 100 فیصد بونس
    اپنے ڈپازٹ پر 100 فیصد بونس حاصل کرنے کا آپ کا منفرد موقع
    بونس حاصل کریں
  • 55 فیصد بونس
    اپنے ہر ڈپازٹ پر 55 فیصد بونس کے لیے درخواست دیں
    بونس حاصل کریں
  • 30 فیصد بونس
    ہر بار جب آپ اپنا اکاؤنٹ ٹاپ اپ کریں تو 30 فیصد بونس حاصل کریں
    بونس حاصل کریں

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