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Forex: looking to the best player in Asia

Forex: looking to the best player in Asia

Interview with Ekaterina Abramova, PR-Director, InstaForex Group

Insta Forex has been nominated Best Forex Broker in Asia with the IAIR Award. Why have you chosen Asia as your main target market?

On the one hand we saw an opportunity provided by the rising Forex market in Asia. But on the other hand, we carried out analyses and understood that our key strengths will allow us to be hyper competitive in Asian market. Our huge database of happy customers in Asia was proof that we went in the right direction, and special thanks to IAIR Award, which thoroughly evaluated the Asian Forex market, and chose us as the Best Forex Broker in Asia.

Innovation, constant fine-tuning in all directions, team work and transparency are the main objectives of Insta Forex. What are the keys to success in the market, especially in the Asian one?

In addition to the points you mentioned the key is to find the opinion leaders and meet them personally making every effort to explain the opportunities offered by the company and the community influenced by them. You also need to offer something special, like competitions, unusual promo-campaigns and keep in step with innovation. We are good at creativity and Asian customers have valued that.

media about us, publications

Insta Forex offers a dedicated service of assisting each client to become a part of the trading community. What are the advantages offered to traders?

There are a number of advantages we offer to traders and affiliates. Traders enjoy the highest bonus on the market, 30% for each deposit as well as the highest rollover level, 5% per year on free margin. VIP clients enjoy the opportunity of having segregated accounts, which is perhaps the best method to secure funds in the Forex market. And people who don’t want to spend time on learning and trading can use our unique Pamm-system, which makes it easier to find the best opportunities for investment.

And what about the advantages for partners?

There some key pillars. Let’s remember the goal of each affiliate is to make money and for this reason we offer the highest commission rate on the market – 1.5 pips from each deal. The second issue is motivation. The affiliate develops his/her business together with the company. The more money s/he earns, the more traders brought – the better the conditions received. The third is analytics. We offer a whole bunch of analytical tools. The statistics of clicks, one-clicks, information on sources of affiliate traffic comes from, different statistics on commissions earned etc, gives the opportunity to change the affiliate strategy and improve. Last but not least, we provide many tools to attract customers. These are cutting-edge banners and widgets (informers), video and analytics, RSS feeds, training materials, the opportunity of receiving free affiliate website and the rebate system. The affiliate can choose the level of rebates for each trader and the money will be automatically deposited into their accounts. In this way, the affiliate receives important tools to attract traders, and can save a lot of time on accounting.

The last 6 months have been a highly-volatile time for the Forex market. How do you trade under volatile conditions?

On the one hand this question is not so important for us because the company makes money on spreads and is not overly-influenced by volatility. On the other hand there is a threat that traders might lose money due to volatility and won’t come back to trade. So our analysts and education centers have been working like crazy to support customers and provide some important recommendations.

What are InstaForex’s goals for the future?

Well every company should have two clear external goals – profit maximization and customer satisfaction. Here it’s important to mention, that customer satisfaction is not just a step towards making profit, it’s fundamental - it’s the philosophy of all successful companies. So we are going to implement all measures and continue creating innovation to accomplish these two basic goals. Speaking more specifically, the company becomes more and more global each year. So there should be fewer and fewer blank spots on the InstaForex world map and Latin America is to be one of the company’s targets. However, it’s also vital to maintain current pace. In that aspect Asia is still crucial and this award together with the recent accolade of “Best retail broker” in a global perspective from European CEO magazine is important recognition for us in this aspect.

IAIR Magazine, October-December 2011

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