Due to permanent improvement of the Internet and communication facilities for traders operating on Forex, the information becomes more accessible. That is why a lot of traders and investors consider that following the fresh news release, reading the analytical reviews and another similar information their chances of profit earning advance essentially. But it is not exactly so:

Staking on news may result in huge financial losses. Why does it happen? Without a detailed consideration of this issue the true cause of this will be hardly understandable. So let us make a close analysis:

Almost every beginning trader supposes that applying to news in trading will certainly turn out to be beneficial, but it is wrong.

The first thing said about news is that they reflect changes taking place in the market in full measure. But as a rule, such assertions are not approved and the currency`s reaction to them mostly differs from the expected one.

Certainly, the leading positions of supply and demand are not passed by in the market, at the same time there is no logics in their movements.

The main reason depreciating the news is the markets. That is why the news trading becomes almost unreal. Thus, knowing in advance when some news will be published and what influence it can put on the market the investors start acting. So when this news is given to public the market reaction can be hardly visible or there will be no any reaction at all, as everything is taken into account by the price. It is also worth paying attention to people`s character and the real picture showing the news "importance" will become clear.

One more reason impacting the trading during the news is human emotions violating a significant nuance in trading - discipline. Similarly, the analytics can be incorrect sometimes. In situations when an opened trade should better be closed the trader does not make it, as an active motion is predicted by analysts to start at that very moment.

At the same time, the news should not be ignored. It is widely known that the market peaks often emerge after the news with positive forecasts, and the lows to the contrary after unpromising news.

It can be concluded that for traders with big capital who operate with major pairs the right decision would be not to run a news trading and to apply to an order trading system instead. Because these news are already recorded by the system. They are also a part of technical analysis which is an irreplaceable component of any well-set trading system.

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