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What are new advantages in the Client cabinet of your company?

Bank-level security of a trading account

Any client can protect his/her trading account against hack attacks enabling the service of SMS code. It includes the request of one-time SMS code for every withdrawal. So a trader gets 100% protection against unauthorized withdrawals. In case fraudsters got access to a trading account password, they will have to enter one-time SMS code which will be sent to the owner’s phone.

Besides the SMS protection, every client of InstaForex international broker is protected from traffic sniffing with a purpose of stealing passwords by the sophisticated technology of a high-level encoding acknowledged by VeriSign, one of the largest SSL certificate providers. Being in Client or Partner cabinet or depositing/withdrawing funds, you can be sure that your passwords are safe thanks to coding every symbol of the transmitted information which therefore cannot be stolen by intruders.

Clients’ data which is transmitted and saved during the operation with Client Cabinet is protected by secure coding of HTTPS.

All the above mentioned facts prove both money and personal data of InstaForex clients are secured.

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