InstaForex Club membership provides a range of exclusive options - the ability to obtain special bonus points for every replenishment is one of them.

Having registered with InstaForex Club, you, being a member of the elite community, can partake in the raffles of Lamborghini Huracan and BMW X6 on favourable terms. In addition, you can take part in other contests and campaigns organized by InstaForex with the total prize pool exceeding $500,000.

Absolutely every InstaForex customer is able to join InstaForex Club.

Fill in the request form in the corresponding section of Client Cabinet to get InstaForex Club Card.

After the request is completed, the client receives PIN code for InstaForex Club Card while the card itself linked to the trading account is sent to the club member by post in the letter.

$10 will be charged from a customer’s trading account on the card issue as a security measure. However, after activation of InstaForex Club Card in Client Cabinet, you automatically receive 1,000 InstaForex bonus points which are equal to $10. InstaForex bonus points can be spent in InstaForex shop. Thus, you can get InstaForex Club Card for free.

After the InstaForex Club Card is activated, the client is liable to get the Сlub Bonus for every replenishment. InstaForex bonus points can be received via the link in Client Cabinet.

انواع البونصات:

مبلغ العلاوة يعتمد على الفائض فى الحساب التجارى. * لذلك, سوف تكون العلاوة مساوية لـ:

*Trading account balance is calculated from the moment of the club card payment.

  • الفائض < 500$ - 1% من الفائض
  • الفائض $500-1000 – 2%
  • الفائض $1000-1500 – 3%
  • الفائض $1500-2500 – 4%
  • الفائض $2500-5000 – 5%
  • الفائض $5000-7500 – 6%
  • الفائض $7500-10000 – 7%
  • الفائض $10000-13000 – 8%
  • الفائض $13000-15000 – 9%
  • الفائض $15000 وأكثر – 10%.

ملحوظة: إجمالى الإيداعات لا تتضمن أى بونص قد استلمه العميل.

بجانب أن البطاقة تعطيك 10% خصم على الندوات التعليمية المقامة فى مكاتب الوكلاء الممثلين حول العالم.

مرحباً بكم فى نادى إنستافوركس!

انضم للنادى الأن!

InstaForex Club

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