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08.04.2011 Post in Trading

How do different zodiac signs behave when trading on Forex market? What mistakes are typical for each of them? Which symbols can bring them luck? Which numbers can be their lucky charm? Which currency is the most favourable for each sign? As any activity, Forex trading requires certain skills and qualities, such as ability to… Read more

04.03.2011 Post in Trading

The last story we are going to tell you concerns an 83-year-old retired lady called Ingeborg Mootz.  She comes from Giessen, the tiny town in Germany. This woman managed to gain as much as half a million euros and she is not going to stop trading. Ingeborg Mootz Ingeborg Mootz aged 83 has the most… Read more

23.02.2011 Post in Trading

Further to our topic dedicated to successful women traders we would like to present the story of Cynthia Kase. Cynthia Kase got acquainted with trading in August 1983 when she had to undergo a training program in the trading department of the company she was working in. It happened the same year when a contract… Read more

Prior to the International Women’s Day we will tell you about successful female traders who reached success on the financial markets and earned fame. The first one in our list of successful women – Lora Pederson. Laura Pedersen – trading genius Laura came to Wall Street at the age of 17. Her age did not… Read more