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01.12.2011 Post in Trading

Studying basic trading and browsing multiple Forex resources, Forex beginners may conclude that the technical analysis is wedded to indicators and expert advisers. Although most traders surely use them in everyday trading, there are those who consider indicators to be nothing else but obstacles to gaining profits. They prefer trading without indicators, or the Price… Read more

29.11.2011 Post in Trading

Different macroeconomic factors influence financial markets. Fundamental analysis experts examine these factors and base their forecast of currency directions on economic indicators, statistics, reports and news. Being quite a controversial type of trading, news trading is a popular way of earning on Forex market. Although news definitely forces the market, it may cause unpredictable consequences…. Read more

08.11.2011 Post in Trading

Forex market players comprise two groups: active and passive. Active market players include central and commercial banks, and major brokers. They are also called market makers. Passive market players are called market users: they can only use market services and cannot set prices. Major banks make a massive impact on markets by selling and buying… Read more

02.11.2011 Post in Trading

Everybody needs a robot – something I have always said. Everybody needs a friend who’s got shiny metal head. Everybody needs a robot, even if you’ve found someone. Now and then you need a friend with hormones made from Mobil 1. Everybody needs a robot on the dashboard of their car. If you try to… Read more

19.04.2011 Post in Trading

Everyone strives for success. Such notion as success can refer to different things and it depends on people’s characters and cultures, recent events or value system. Often success reckons a symbiosis of financial stability, good health and decent appearance. However, financial component of this formula has been condemned for a long time. Against the background… Read more