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22.02.2012 Post in Trading

To continue the topic of previous article, we will consider some aspects of wave analysis. If we look at the chart of currency price changes we will see that there are several types of movement. The chart depicts the phases of descending and ascending movement as well as those of sideways movement. According to the… Read more

14.02.2012 Post in Trading

Ralf Nelson Elliott is an American accountant. He was born in 1871. From the age of 20 he worked in executive positions for railroad companies in Mexico. Later he entered the accounting field and was known as a qualified economist. Elliott took part in international government projects, was appreciated as auditor and consultant. He published… Read more

10.02.2012 Post in Trading

Once we have got some spare money, we start considering profitable investment methods. There are several alternatives to choose from: bank account, trust management, real estate, financial markets. Depositing to a bank account is frequently preferred by investors as it is risk-free. Investing in a bank account does not require any special skills of capital… Read more

02.02.2012 Post in Trading

A goal is a result you want to achieve. There is no point in doing something if it is not aimed at reaching a certain goal. Any objective should be well-determined; otherwise you may fail to achieve it. Today traders have good knowledge of management, which is very helpful in their daily work. Management implies… Read more

25.01.2012 Post in Trading

Forex is the international currency market. However, besides currencies there are other financial instruments traded on Forex. They are metals: gold, silver, platinum, etc. The international market includes different types of metal operations: spot, swap, and forward deals, operations with derivatives (futures, options). If we are talking about Forex, we mean spot market as assets… Read more