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22.05.2012 Post in Trading

Forex is enveloped in myths and delusions. Having no idea about currency market functioning and work mechanisms people ascribe to Forex and trading such things that do not quadrate to facts. Let us consider the most widespread legends. 1. Forex is a complete deception. Another variant of this phrase is: “Forex is a casino where… Read more

08.05.2012 Post in Trading

The easiest definition of swap term is assets retained or added to a trading account for prolongation (carry over) of a position to the next day or a fee for carrying a position over midnight. Swaps can be either positive or negative. Interest for a position carry over in a currency market is paid or… Read more

30.04.2012 Post in Trading

While making deals on Forex a trader pays the spread to a brokerage firm. A spread is the difference between the bid and ask price of an asset. There are several types of spread: fixed spread, fixed spread with extension, floating spread. For different currency pairs there are often different types of spread that can… Read more

23.04.2012 Post in Trading

Slang is a term denoting a set of specific words and expressions which are peculiar of non-official communication for a certain group of people. The speech of the representatives of different professions, cultural societies, and geographic places has its peculiarities reflecting the views of people and in fact pointing at their society and status. Slang… Read more

12.04.2012 Post in Trading

As soon as you learn about Forex market and classic online trading, pay attention to the opportunity to increase your income. Besides using the PAMM system, rebate projects and other services, have a look at the affiliate programs. The affiliate programs offered by forex brokers help to receive zero risk income from the Internet by… Read more