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03.04.2012 Post in Trading

Margin trading (or trading with the leverage) is a specific peculiarity of financial markets and a very attractive opportunity for traders. Thanks to the cash borrowed from a broker investors are able to carry out trades with volumes that exceed several times the size of their own capital. To get a loan an investor should… Read more

30.03.2012 Post in Trading

One can answer this question having estimated financial status, spare time and personality. Everybody who is familiar with the specificity of Forex market knows, that there are a few regimes of trading and hundreds of strategies, that is why a person can make an individual scheme of investing. Thus there is no super profitable system,… Read more

16.03.2012 Post in Trading

The modern currency trading technologies enable the taking of big profits in a short period of time: brokers provide their clients with leverages; client terminals support the function of automatic trading etc. Indeed, with Forex it is possible to become rich in a moment but it is also possible to lose everything at once. Let… Read more

07.03.2012 Post in Trading

Charles Dow is often considered as the founder of the technical analysis. Jointly with his companion he implemented the famous Dow Jones industrial average, created one of the leading world financial information agencies and began the publishing of the comprehensive financial data. Moreover, he wrote several articles concerning the financial market. The suggestions described in… Read more

29.02.2012 Post in Trading

The history of the index began in the XIX century. It was implemented in 1896. At that time there were only few instruments for analysis and description of the processes that took place at the stock market. Therefore, a question concerning the elaboration of these instruments became more and more urgent. The evaluation method of… Read more