12.03.2019 10:35 AM
Decisive days for Brexit and Theresa May on March 12-14

Today, on March 12, the decisive vote on an agreement with the EU in the British Parliament or accept the agreement.

On March 13, in case of failure of the agreement today, there is an option to vote of leaving Britain from the EU without an agreement.

On March 14, there is a vote to postpone Brexit for a long time.

It is practically nowhere to postpone the vote since Britain's release date will be on March 29, if nothing is decided.

Premier May made a final attempt to obtain concessions from the EU on an agreement with the question of the border of Northern Ireland. She met Juncker (EU) late in the evening on March 11 and seemed to have agreed on something but was kept secret.

Most likely, the parliament will not accept the agreement with the EU and as a result, it will accept the option to postpone Brexit on March 14.

Analysts believe that with the failure of the agreement today, hence, the pound could fall sharply to minus 8% of current prices.

On the other hand, the adoption of an agreement could sharply strengthen the pound and, possibly, the euro also.

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