The number of traders in the world increases every year simultaneously growing supply and demand for education services in the forex market. Most of the existing forex education solutions out there promise to teach potential traders how to speculate on currency rates and get profit from investments in nearly o time at all. Are these promises true or these attractive offers are just marketing ploys?

We at Instaforex aim to provide our clients with high-quality education services along with convenient rading conditions that enable longer term forex trading success but don’t just take our word for it!

General terms of forex trading, market strategies, technical and fundamental analysis as well as step-by-step instructions on trading terminal use can be found in text and video formats on the official website of Instaforex. http://instaforex.com. Our clients can consider this a library containing reference literature which traders, new and experienced alike, can refer to for the purpose of self-education.

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Instaforex also provides training sessions and consultations, available at our broker’s representative offices while full featured courses can be taken in our Moscow branch office, either individually or in groups. Our courses aim to provide theoretical training and also focus strongly on practical trading experience. From the very first day during each lecture specific time is spent on practice. Those who cannot attend classes still have access to our fantastic educational resources through visiting webinars and online conferences available via www.instaforex.com.

Instaforex utilize state of the art technology through our interactive webinars run with the help of video conference, using the latest education methods and internet technologies. Students can ask questions directly to the lecturer, share their opinions and remarks with the help of chat functions. The lecturer in turn can use visual materials such as presentations, tables, charts and illustrations. Online classes also enable the lecturer to demonstrate the examined material in practice in real time. It means he can open an account, execute a trade and then others can trade with them.

When speaking about practice we should mention our comprehensive demo accounts. Instaforex recommends that clients trade with our demo accounts in the initial instance. By registering for an educational demo account a trader can set deals for virtual money and hone their trading skills. Instaforex’s demo accounts enable a trader to learn any initial and sometimes painful lessons without the risk and it is always advisable to set one up. We even provide an incentive for trading on demo accounts. Instaforex runs a series of demo account contests. Winners of these contests receive money on their real trading accounts. Total prize fund of all Instaforex contests and draws exceeds $500,000!

Obviously no one can guarantee receiving high profit after following an Instaforex course at a representative office or one of our webinars. We believe at Instaforex we provide our clients with some of the best educational tools that give them a great start in their forex trading journey.

Shares magazine, October 2011

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