Petar Jacimovic

Petar was born on July 08, 1989 in Serbia. Graduated from Economy University and after has worked as a currency analyst for large private investors. Petar has been involved in the world of finance since 2007. In this trading he specializes in Volume Price Action (volume background, multi Fibonacci zones, trend channels, supply and demand). He also writes the market analytical reviews for Forex forums and websites. Moreover Petar is forex teacher and has wide experience in tutoring and conducting webinars. Interests: finance, traveling, sports, music "The key to success is hard work"

Torben Melsted

Torben was born in November 1962. He graduated from CBS holding a degree in finance. He started trading on Forex in 1986 and has been engaged in such activities as advising clients, hedging client flows on FX and commodity markets. He also worked at major corporations as a Financial Risk Manager. He uses Elliott wave analysis in combination with classic technical analysis, and has been using a Calmar Ratio of 5.0 for over 3 years. Torben has his own blog, where he uses Elliott wave and technical analysis on all financial markets.

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