Contest rules
Account type: demo accounts
Initial deposit: $100,000
Contest frequency: month after a month
Contest period: a month (each contest consists of four stages and the final)
Prize pool: $55,000

Contest participants carry out trading operations on demo accounts. After each contest stage finishes, all trades are automatically closed at current prices. Those who made the largest deposits are announced as the winners.

Hurry up to register and become a contender to own the main money prize. Great Race is an opportunity to check your knowledge in Forex trading and a chance to win real funds to your trading account.

To participate in the contest you need to register new demo-account in every stage. Besides the money prize the winner of the stage gets bonus points which can be used in the final. The winner of the final stage, who will be the owner of the largest deposit, will get $6,000 as a prize.

Pendaftran bagi peraduan seterusnya akan ditutup 1 jam sebelum peraduan bermula.

*Peraduan ini akan dijalankan mengikut waktu terminal

Kiraan detik peraduan:

2 3 0 4 0 9

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