Christmas in Liverpool

We are glad to announce that the Christmas in Liverpool campaign that has been held for 2 months within the partnership with Liverpool Football Club is over. The Liverpool number which was generated by the 5 last digits of 5 major exchange rates was fixed on November 14 at 23:59. Thus, the Liverpool number is 59818.

Campaign rules
Account type: live trading accounts
Campaign period: September 15, 2014 to November 15, 2014.
Main prize: trip to Liverpool and VIP tickets for Liverpool FC home match.
Participation conditions: $500 deposit.

Winners were determined on the basis of a random number generator. A lucky number was formed of the last five digits of the 5 majors’ rates.

Three winners whose accounts were the closest to the Liverpool number and met the campaign’s requirements were determined. The winning accounts are 7360884, 1356740, and 1355978 belonging to Gabil Agaev (Russia, Rostovskaya obl.), Norhafizah Binti Abu Bakar (Malaysia, Kedah), and Pavel Pupko (Russia, Saint-Petersburg).

We warmly congratulate Gabil, Norhafizah Binti Abu Bakar and Pavel on their winning and wish them to have great Christmas holidays in one of the most beautiful European cities and to achieve even greater success together with InstaForex!

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How Liverpool-number is being generated?

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