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05.09.2012 Post in Trading

George Soros: “I always had a strong feeling that I am an exceptional person.” Is it possible that an ordinary trader can have an influence on the economic climate of the whole country? Trader can do anything he dares! This is the philosophy of a quite modest Gorge Soros who became immodestly well-off on Forex… Read more

29.08.2012 Post in Trading

As all processes in the world economy are closely interlinked, it is not a good idea to consider Forex market separately from other ones. Any changes on the currency market can have great influence on currency quotes. That is why it is important to know peculiarities of their interaction, common and distinctive features. Today we… Read more

21.08.2012 Post in Trading

Every time we take up something new, we have doubts. And this is normal! Doubts are the result of estimating yourself, of searching personal features that are needed for this new activity. At the beginning of the journey a trader cannot avoid being unconfident of his/ her abilities, knowledge and skills. This is exactly what… Read more

01.06.2012 Post in Trading

Each trader has his personal approach to the situation on currency market and his own trading methods and trading system. Each one chooses the strategy that to his mind is the most effective. As a rule, the opinions of traders on that subject are different. But today we will focus on the most popular strategy… Read more

29.05.2012 Post in Trading

Traders analyze Forex market in order to make a forecast that will enable to increase the profitability of transactions. Forecast is the part of a trading plan. Different methods of analysis are used to define long-term trends, favorable conditions for opening and closing of deals, prospect price rebounds etc. As a rule, there are two… Read more