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19.12.2012 Post in Trading

Alexander Elder, one of the greatest specialists in the field of finance, was born in USSR. He graduated from the medical university and when he was 23 in 1974 he emigrated to the U.S., where he lives to this day. Today, Dr. Elder is professional trader and a recognized expert in stock trading, who wrote… Read more

12.12.2012 Post in Trading

The stage of your professional development does not play a significant role. If you are engaged in the work on the international currency market the economic calendar will be an irreplaceable tool for trading. There is no doubt that it is used by different traders to a greater or lesser extent. However, those who take… Read more

05.12.2012 Post in Trading

What does a word “futures” imply? It is a derivative from English word “future”. Futures contract is a certain agreement to make a deal in the future at the fixed price. The main advantage is small start-up investments. Thus, if you buy futures, you can earn even more a bit later than when you buy… Read more

28.11.2012 Post in Trading

Prior to starting trading actively on Forex, the trader should consider many factors which affect the market behavior, including holidays in different countries. When trader knows the dates of major holidays, it helps him to understand the market peculiarities at different periods of time. To begin with, Forex working schedule is very convenient: it operates… Read more

12.09.2012 Post in Trading

There is no secret that trading is potentially profitable activity and therefore taxable. However, the issue remains vague while there is no question that any other employees are supposed to pay income taxes. So we will shake off the fog of obscurity and find out whether traders have to pay taxes. Firstly, it should be… Read more