23.03.2023 04:02 PM
Trading Signal for GBP/USD for March 23 - 24, 2023: sell below 1.2329 (5/8 Murray - correction)

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Early in the American session, the British pound is trading near the strong resistance of 5/8 Murray located at 1.2329. GBP/USD has tested this level several times and is showing signs of exhaustion.

In case the British pound fails to break and trades above this level, we could expect a technical correction towards the area of 1.2268 - 1.2252 (21 SMA).

The pivot point is located at 1.2268. In case the British pound approaches this level in the next few hours, it could offer a technical rebound. With this price action, the instrument could resume its bullish cycle. If the technical rebound occurs, the price could reach 1.2329 (5/8 Murray) and finally, it could reach the daily resistance zone located at 1.2395.

In case the British pound breaks the bullish trend channel formed since March 7, we could expect a consolidation below 1.2245. Then, it could reach the support of 4/8 Murray located at 1.2207. Eventually, GBP/USD could fall towards the 200 EMA located at 1.2106.

As long as GBP/USD trades above the 21 SMA located at 1.2252, any pullback could be seen as a signal to buy and then, the pound could reach levels of 1.2395 and could even reach 6/8 Murray at 1.2451.

Since March 17, the Eagle indicator has been showing overbought signs. However, the overall trend is bullish. GBP/USD is likely to continue its rise and may find resistance around 1.2451. Only a daily close below 1.2240 could change the scenario for the pound and it could begin a new bearish move.

Dimitrios Zappas,
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