13.03.2023 01:40 PM

March could be considered the busiest month for the financial markets. Trading in major currency pairs would only be affected by a single holiday, Vernal Equinox Day in Japan. Notably, March 2023 has the lowest number of non-trading days - eight, or four regular weekends.

The Tokyo Stock Exchange will be closed on Tuesday, March 21. As a result, trading in #N225 (Nikkei 225) will be unavailable on that day.

March is a month of almost uninterrupted trading. Like in 2022, this month may offer a lot of economic events and news. Their impact may lead to increased volatility in the forex market, resulting in currency pairs making much bigger swings. The market will not stand still, and this period of turbulence could be a perfect opportunity for traders to make sizeable gains and get valuable experience.

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