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VPS for Forex Traders

The international broker InstaForex introduces a new service for its customers - VPS hosting. Today VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a front-rank option allowing to use a virtual private server for arranging activity in Forex currency market. VPS hosting grants you access to a full-function virtual dedicated server. Application of VPS hosting gives an opportunity to take all advantages of a single-unit physical server. All VPS facilities are located in a datacenter of Saint Petersburg, Russia.

InstaForex Company tenders the most optimal price for hosting in Forex market. The company customers are given a chance to choose one of three configurations of VPS server with Windows operating system and installed MetaTrader program. The table below specifies the price for 1 month of VPS operation.

Customer account balance VPS 256 VPS 512 VPS 1024
Any account balance 10 USD 20 USD 40 USD
Account balance over 500 USD 7 USD 17 USD 37 USD
Account balance over 1000 USD 5 USD 15 USD 35 USD
Account balance over 3000 USD 3 USD 13 USD 33 USD
Account balance over 5000 USD For free 10 USD 30 USD

You can draw up an order for one of chosen VPS hostings in the Client Cabinet. The cost of VPS hosting service is deducted from the account balance of the customer. If there are open trades on the trading account, only free funds are considered. Your Client Cabinet will show statistics of a server active period, amount of funds withdrawn from the balance and your order status.

Kindly note that VPS server fee is considered as funds withdrawal from a trading account, that may cause a partial cancellation of existing bonuses.

You can extend the use of your VPS server at any time, but it can be no more than 5 months long in total. To prolong the VPS service,you should wait for its activation.

VPS 256
Disk Space 3 GB HDD
RAM 256
Processor 400MHz
Cores 2
Unlimited traffic 10 mb/s
Windows Web Server 2008
Instatrader 4
VPS 512
Disk Space 7 GB HDD
RAM 512
Processor 400MHz
Cores 2
Unlimited traffic 10 mb/s
Windows Web Server 2008
Instatrader 4
VPS 1024
Disk Space 48 GB HDD
RAM 1024
Processor 1000MHz
Cores 4
Unlimited traffic 10 mb/s
Windows Web Server 2008 R2
Instatrader 4

InstaForex has increased the technical capabilities of the VPS Hosting servers. Now customers can use servers with the built-in doubled processor cores! After ordering hosting at VPS 256 and VPS 512 tariffs, you will get server provided with 2 cores. VPS 1024 gives you 4-core processor instead of 2-core one. InstaForex always cares about its clients' comfort and keeps improving not only trading conditions, but technology as well.