Step I. Open a live trading account

You can register a trading account in any currency on the Open Account page.

Step II. Register with InstaForex Club

In order to get the Club Bonus, you have to be a member of InstaForex Club. Go to the club page, pass the registration and make sure you meet all the requirements.

Step III. Top up the account

To have the bonus, deposit to your trading account any sum using any payment system you like. The only condition to meet for the bonus to be credited is that the deposit/withdrawal balance must show surplus.

Step IV. Apply for the Club Bonus

Please visit the InstaForex Club Bonus page of the company’s official website to fill in and send the application form.

The Club Bonus is:
1% of the surplus if it is < $500
2% of the surplus if it is < $500-1,000
3% of the surplus if it is < $1,000-1,500
4% of the surplus if it is < $1,500-2,500
5% of the surplus if it is < $2,500-5,000
6% of the surplus if it is < $5,000-7,500
7% of the surplus if it is < $7,500-10,000
8% of the surplus if it is < $10,000-13,000
9% of the surplus if it is < $13,000-15,000
10% of the surplus if it is < $15,000 or more

You may well apply for the Club Bonus to your trading account even if you already had a 30% bonus to this account.
Moreover, the number of your accounts to receive the bonus to is unlimited.
The Club Bonus can be credited after every replenishment of the trading account.
Please note that every time you withdraw funds from your account right after the Club Bonus has been credited, a part of the bonus proportionate to the withdrawal amount is cancelled.
In compliance with the terms and conditions set forth in InstaForex Club Bonus Agreement, the amount of the cancelled bonus shall not exceed the size of the credited bonus.
You cannot withdraw the Club Bonus until you carry out Buy/Sell trades in the volume equal to X*3 InstaForex lots, where X is a total amount of the credited bonuses.

You also have the opportunity to get other bonuses:

Club Bonus
Profit withdrawal Allowed
Verification Not required
Maximum bonus amount Unlimited
Crediting principle For each new deposit
Compatible bonuses 30% Bonus
Availability for new customers InstaForex Club members only
Availability for multiple account holders Available
Lots for bonus withdrawal X*3 InstaForex lots, where X is the total amount of all bonuses received
Maximum leverage 1:1000
PAMM investing Available
Options trading Not Available
Stop Out 10%

Club Bonus Agreement

Start trading with
no risks and investments
With new Start-Up Bonus of $1000