Kia Picanto for Nigerian Forex Trader Terms and Conditions

1. General Provisions

    • 1.1 Campaign Title - Kia Picanto for Nigerian Forex Trader (hereinafter - Campaign).
    • 1.2 Campaign is organized by InstaForex Group (hereinafter - Organizer).
    • 1.3 Within the Campaign the following drawings are held:
      • Kia Picanto drawing;
      • Recognition Gifts drawing.
    • 1.4 Campaign period is from May 07, 2012 to October 25, 2013 (hereinafter - Campaign period).
    • 1.4.1 Period of Kia Picanto drawing is from May 07, 2012 to October 25, 2013.
    • 1.5 Registration for the Campaign ends 1 (one) hour before the KIA number fixation.

2. Campaign Participants

    • 2.1 Full-aged persons only (over 18 years old) having live trading accounts with InstaForex Company (hereinafter - Participant) may take part in the Campaign.
    • 2.2 In order to participate in the Campaign, it is necessary to deposit at least 1000 USD or more to a trading account with InstaForex Company within the Campaign period and register on the website https://www.instaforex.com/. For the club card holders of InstaForex the minimal deposit amount needed for taking part in the Campaign is 500 USD. The total volume of trades shall be at least 1000 lots.
    • 2.3 Participant has a right to register for the Campaign more than 1 account raising own chances of victory. However, in case the Contest Administration detects more than 100 accounts registered by one person, it reserves the right to decrease the number of accounts till 100.
    • 2.4 Any account meeting the condition: A - B + C > 1000,00 USD, where A is the sum of deposits since May 07, B is the sum of withdrawals since May 07, C is the trading result with at least 1000 lot volume, are allowed for this Campaign.

3. Trading Terms

    • 3.1 All trading orders opened at non-market prices are subjected to cancellation.
    • 3.2 Participant can use Expert Advisors and trading strategies without any restrictions.
    • 3.3 Participant can change the type of trading account to swap free (and vice versa) at any moment by contacting the Support Department.
    • 3.4 Other trading terms for accounts-participants of the Campaign are the same as for live trading accounts with InstaForex Company.

4. Winners Determination

4.1 Determination of Kia Picanto winner (hereinafter - Winner of the Campaign).

    • 4.1.1 The Winner account will be determined by the following scheme: the last 5 digits of the account are used in the winner's determination (no matter whether it is 5-digit, 6-digit or 7-digit account). If these 5 digits coincide with the KIA number, then the owner of this account becomes a Winner of Kia Picanto.
    • 4.1.2 Fixation of exchange rates for the following pairs at market closing is due on Friday October 25, 2013 at 23:59:
      • First digit of the KIA number - the last digit of the EUR/USD rate;
      • Second digit of the KIA number - the last digit of the GBP/USD rate;
      • Third digit of the KIA number - the last digit of the USD/JPY rate;
      • Fourth digit of the KIA number - the last digit of the USD/CHF rate;
      • Fifth digit of the KIA number - the last digit of the USD/CAD rate.
    • 4.1.3 If a non-participating account matches the generated KIA number, then the preceding or the next account is determined as Winner. The Winner is selected on the principle of the biggest deposit calculated by the formula: A - B + C.
    • 4.1.4 If KIA number generated in the abovementioned way coincides with a 5-digit account number, a 6-digit account with the first digit excluded and a 7-digit account number with the first two digits excluded, then the main prize - Kia Picanto will be presented to the owner of the biggest balance account. The balance level is determined by the following formula: A - B + C.

5. Results Publishing

    • 5.1 The residential data of participants may be published.
    • 5.2 Results of the Campaign are published during 7 days after the Campaign and all necessary checkings are completed.
    • 5.3 Organizer reserves the right to determine the period of publishing results for the Prize for Every Hundred Participant drawing within the total Campaign running period.
    • 5.4 Campaign results and a report on awarding ceremony will be published on the website https://www.instaforex.com/ and in some TV and printing mass media.

6. Prize Taking

6.1 General Provisions.

    • 6.1.1 After 20 days of results publishing for the Campaign and drawing, the Winner and the Organizer coordinate the date, time and place of obtaining the prize by phone.
    • 6.1.2 After selecting a winning trading account, the Organizer checks the Participant's information and legitimacy of his/her participation in the Campaign according to the paragraphs 2.1. - 2.3. of the present regulation. In case some details turn to be untrue or if a Participant does not have a right to participate in the Campaign, the draw is considered to be invalid.
    • 6.1.3 In case prize taking procedure (absence of ID, expiration of ID validity and etc.) is violated by the Winner, the Organizer reserves the right not to award the Winner.

6.2 Obtaining of the Campaign main prize - Kia Picanto.

    • 6.2.1 Prize is passed to the Winner only after ID checking and signing of the Acceptance Certificate where the following data are written: full name, date of birth, ID data, contact phone number with country and city code. In case the Winner does not provide this information, the Organizer reserves the right not to award the Winner.
    • 6.2.2 In case the Winner of the Campaign is not able to receive the prize, another person is allowed for that by attorney instead of Winner.
    • 6.2.3 Since the moment of getting the prize the Campaign Participant is responsible for paying taxes and other compulsory payments set by the Government.
    • 6.2.4 InstaForex Company is responsible for car transportation to the winner place of residence. However, the Winner takes responsibility for paying taxes and custom fees.
    • 6.2.5 If the Winner cannot come to take the car at all, he will get 20 000 USD on his account balance. The money will not be available for withdrawal, but any 50% profit gained from the prize amount can be withdrawn without any restrictions.

7. Final Provisions

    • 7.1 Organizer makes all data protection arrangements from unauthorized access and is not entitled to provide information relatively the Campaign to the third party.
    • 7.2 In case a Participant wins he gives his consent for:
      • Interview including radio, television and other mass media;
      • Usage of his/her picture (photos, etc.) by the Organizer in advertisement materials;
      • Publication of his/her name by the Organizer for advertisement purposes without additional payment;
      • All copyrights of the advertising materials used for purposes mentioned above are reserved by the Organizer.
    • 7.3 All disputes and disagreements appearing relatively the Campaign and its results are solved by negotiations.
    • 7.4 Participation in the Campaign means that a Participant is familiar with its terms and conditions.
    • 7.5 If the Winner of the Campaign refuses to follow the rules, his participation is subjected to cancellation.

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