For the recent 10 years, the Forex market has been truly considered the most attractive and rapidly evolving financial market for private investors around the world. The currency market is indeed available to everyone who has a few dollars and access to the Internet. All you need is to open a trading account and deposit $5. Voila! You are an eligible private investor operating on the Forex market. However, before you open an account with a random broker or dealing center, it worth spending some hours or even days to pick the right brokerage firm which will enable you to become not only a Forex investor and speculator, but a profit-making trader. The decision to become a trader is not enough.

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It is the choice of a broker you start with when start trading. As the proverb says, “Well begun is half done”. Nowadays, a few hundred online brokers and dealing centers are promoting their services on the international financial market. However, such abundance is misleading because dealing services are mostly supplied by short-lived companies or small firms lacking either experience, or assets including cash funds, or an arsenal of advanced services and products. Broadly speaking, we would like to advise you to choose among the largest brokerage companies enjoying a sound reputation in business, vast experience on the Forex market, and a wide range of extra services.

Considering a broker for fail-free and successful earnings, we suggest that you decide in favor of Insta- Forex which has been robustly developing on the Forex market for over 8 years. For this lengthy period, it has managed to become one of the largest global brokers steadily gaining top ranks among the leading Forex companies worldwide. Over 1 million traders around the world have already put their trust in InstaForex. Since 2009, InstaForex has been recognized as the best broker in Asia by such prominent British magazines as World Finance, European CEO, and CNBC Business. The total number of Insta- Forex offices in the world has exceeded 200. You wonder what exactly boosted a brilliant performance on such a saturated and competitive market. First, InstaForex means a high quality of services and products as a result of non-stop investing in the business as well as steadily growing staff of professionals. Besides, we should note innovations and unique developments launched by InstaForex on a regular basis. All clients without exception regardless of their deposit amount and term of working with InstaForex have access to the cutting-edge technologies and solutions of the Forex trading such as the PAMM system or the service of investing funds in successful Forex traders, the ForexCopy system or the service of copying deals of successful traders, InstaWallet or the funds transfer electronic system, WebTrader which enables clients to trade directly in a convenient Internet browser, free VPS hosting, and a lot of other offers that essentially differ InstaForex from other market leaders. In addition, all the trades, accounts, and funds are protected by the multilevel security system with the same degree of sophistication and safety as in leading international banks. Besides, it is important to mention the technical capacity of InstaForex: 12 servers and over 35 data centers ensure the immediate execution of trades and high trading speed. So, any client of InstaForex enjoys such advantages as comfort, high quality, speed, and simplicity of the Forex trading. Insta- Forex is always bristling with fresh ideas which are taking shape and being converted in a ready-to-use product. This never-ending stream of ideas pushes InstaForex ahead enabling its clients to trade trouble-free, which inevitably leads to confident profitmaking trading.

IAIR Magazine, April – June 2014

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