Miss Insta Asia 2010 beauty contest

The Contest Results of Miss Insta Asia 2010

On September 01, 2010 the annual beauty contest Miss InstaForex Asia was over which took its rise in autumn of 2009. For this time more than 500 girls had taken part in the contest and more than 100 000 people had visited the contest website becoming its users.

Regardless of the title, the contest territorial boundaries were far away from the Asian continent on the first days of the contest. The contest participants were representatives of 46 world countries – from Malaysia and India to the USA and Canada. Moreover, the contest website brings to your attention the profiles of beautiful ladies from Australia, Jamaica, Peru and even Yemen.

Despite the net format, the contest has obtained a great popularity. Thus, for instance, the contest participants and users created a lot of groups in different social nets, blogs and microblogs (Twitter). The articles about the top contest participants were published in the local press that approves a high interest to the contest once again.

Basing on the experience of running the beauty race Miss InstaForex Asia: a big number of participants from all over the world; high users concern; the contest popularity in the net – the contest administration came to a decision about the second contest season which is scheduled for October 01, 2010 to October 01, 2011.

As to the competition results, in September 2010 3 top winners were determined who shared the price pool of 30 000 dollars.

Get wise to detailed results and video-interviews of the contest winners on the results page for 2010 of the official Miss Insta Asia website.


Irina Mitina Representative
Miss Insta Asia

Ilana Lupach
Vice Miss Insta Asia

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