11.11.2022 04:08 PM

November is generally considered a comfortable period for trading in the financial markets. There will be practically no long public holidays in the countries whose national currencies and stock exchanges exert influence on the global economy.

Only on November 24 and November 25, Americans will celebrate one of the most important holidays, Thanksgiving Day. On Thursday, November 24, all US stock exchanges, including the New York Stock Exchange, will be closed. Moreover, the next day, November 25, US stock markets will have a shorter working day until 1:00 pm EST (UTC -5).

Therefore, all trading instruments and stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange will be unavailable for trading on November 24 and November 25 after 1:00 pm.

As for the foreign exchange market, all US dollar transactions will be fully available on Thursday, November 24.

Days and trading instruments not available for trading are given below:

November 24, 2022 (all day):

The major index and all stocks listed on the NYSE and NASDAQ

November 25, 2022 (from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm):

The major index and all stocks listed on the NYSE and NASDAQ

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