20.01.2023 04:33 PM

Important notice for crypto traders

As part of improving trading conditions and streamlining the Company's services, we would like to notify you of the upcoming changes in the cryptocurrency symbols. The names of the crypto instruments will be changed on January 22, 2023, between 03 a.m. and 08 a.m. server time.

The instruments will be renamed as follows:

Old name New name
#Ethereum ETHUSD.futu
#Litecoin LTCUSD.futu
#Ripple XRPUSD.futu
Uniswap UNIUSD.futu
Chainlink LNKUSD.futu
Filecoin FILUSD.futu
Polkadot DOTUSD.futu
Doge DOGUSD.futu
Cardano ADAUSD.futu
Solana SOLUSD.futu

During technical arrangements to rename the instruments, you will not be able to trade them. Please consider this information and plan your trading activity accordingly.

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