10.02.2023 12:20 PM

We are pleased to announce the start of registration for one of our most popular contests, Great Race. This is a unique opportunity to get real money as a deposit by trading in a demo account. The more successful your trading is, the closer to victory you are!

Hurry up to register so as not to miss a chance to become the owner of a cash prize! Here is the registration link.

The contest, which consists of four steps and the final, will run throughout the year. After registration, each participant will receive a demo account with a starting $100,000. The new stage implies a new deposit.

While trading, contestants can use any strategies and expert advisors, take advantage of the 1:500 leverage, and open positions with a trade size from 0.01 to 10 lots.

Participants with the biggest deposits at the end of each step will be the winners. The champion of the final stage will receive $6,000. The total prize fund of the Great Race contest amounts to $55,000! Cash rewards will be distributed among the most successful traders and credited to their live trading accounts.

Grab a chance to test your trading skills and win real money as a deposit!


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