19.08.2016 08:29 AM

The results of six yet another InstaForex contests are summed up. This time we will name the winners of the following contests: One Million Option, InstaForex Sniper, Lucky Trader, FX-1 Rally, Real Scalping, and Trade Wise, Win Device. InstaForex congratulates the victors and wishes other contestants to find their names on the winning list next time. Sooner or later, fortune will smile on you too!

One Million Option

One Million Option being one of the most favorite, beloved contests gathers multiple participants who fight hard for the title of the best option trader. By the results of the latest step, the most outstanding result was shown by Shehu Abdullahi. The next stage of the One Million Option contest will start on August 22, 2016 (GMT+3) and end on August 26, 2016 (GMT+3).

InstaForex Sniper

The most accurate and fastest traders take part in the InstaForex Sniper contest. Many contestants fiercely compete to get the main prize. Kadri Yassine proved to be the best in the recent step. The next competition will kick off on August 22, 2016 (GMT+3) and finish on August 26, 2016 (GMT+3). Test your accuracy in the InstaForex Sniper contest right now!

Trade Wise, Win Device

Dmitriy Yonass became the victor of the Trade Wise, Win Device campaign and the owner of a new iPhone. The coming step of the Trade Wise, Win Device campaign will show whether you are lucky enough to win a branded gadget too. The new stage will take place from August 29, 2016 (GMT+3) to September 9, 2016 (GMT +3). You can register for the campaign on its web page right now.

FX-1 Rally

The best performance in the FX-1 Rally contest was demonstrated by Mikhail Evsikov, who managed to use all of his trading and racing skills efficiently. We congratulate the winner on the amazing victory and wish him luck in next competitions. If you want to feel the thrilling spirit of this fight, welcome to the start of another stage of the FX-1 Rally contest. You can register for the nearest rally that will take place from 00:00 August 26, 2016 (GMT+3) to 23:59 August 26, 2016 (GMT+3).

Lucky Trader

Trade perfectly for two weeks and you will secure a victory in the Lucky Trader contest just like Vladimir Ikonnikov did it. He showed a superb trading form and achieved the best results among hundreds of other participants. We sincerely congratulate the winner and wish him to keep his leading positions. The next step of the Lucky Trader contest will be held from August 22, 2016 (GMT+3) to September 2, 2016 (GMT+3).

Real Scalping

Short-term trading is quite a complicated type of trading that requires a lot of concentration. Not everyone is attentive and focused enough to make quick and correct decisions to succeed in it. This time, Vladimir Trafimov showed all these skills and took the first place in the recent step of the Real Scalping contest. InstaForex congratulates the victor and invites everyone who failed to try once again and participate in the coming step. All willing to test their trading abilities can register for the next stage that will run from September 5, 2016 (GMT+3) to September 30, 2016 (GMT+3).

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