Campaign rules
Account type: live trading accounts
Campaign frequency: weekly
Campaign period: a week
Prize pool: USD 1,000
Participation conditions: a deposit not less than USD 3,000

Every week the winning account is randomly determined and credited with 1,000 US dollars.

Get a chance to win by depositing $3,000 to a trading account with InstaForex Company. Having fulfilled this condition, you can become a Campaign participant.

Every week one trading account chosen in a random way is announced as winning and credited with $1,000.

So, you can keep working on Forex in your usual mode enjoying the best trading terms InstaForex Company ensures and an opportunity to become one of lucky winners of $1,000.

The Chancy Deposit campaign is held within the series of InstaForex contests and campaigns with the total annual prize over $500,000. Being an active customer of InstaForex Company, you may win your piece of the prize cake!

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