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General questions

How much will I earn if I start trading on Forex with minimum deposit?

It totally depends on your experience, knowledge and skills. Forex trading is very risky, and you should assume that risk and evaluate your level of professionalism. InstaForex trading conditions make your way from a newbie to an experience trader simpler.

What do support and resistance levels mean?

Support level is a level lower than the current rate, where the upward turn is possible from.

Resistance level is a level above the current rate, which the downward turn is possible from.

What is trailing stop?

When you set a trailing stop order (at X pips), the platform does nothing until your trade brings profit in amount of X pips (rate of your trailing stop). Then the platform sets stop loss order X pips far from the current price (in our case it is the break-even point). If the market price goes up, the stop loss level also moves up proportionally. If the market price goes down, the stop loss level remains. This means that the trailing stop loss follows the current price at a distance of X pips. In this way, a trader limits the possible loss but does not limit the profit profit. Therefore, a trailing stop is a stop loss control algorithm: "it follows the price to profit". Attention! Trailing stop works only when your trading platform is connected to the server through the Internet.

What does profit figure or price movement figure mean?

Profit figure is 100 pips profit. Price movement figure is 100 pips movement. Round numbers are referred to figures as well. For example: "EURUSD passes over the seventeenth figure" means that the rate exceeded the 1.1700 level.

What are the stock exchange working hours?

Trading session opens at 22:00 (GMT+00) on Sunday and closes at 22:00 (GMT+00) on Friday.

How many trading servers does InstaForex Company use and what regions are they located in?

InstaForex trading system consists of 7 trading servers for live accounts and 1 trading server for demo accounts. Seven trading servers distribute the load by the system of intermediate data centers located all around the world. So the system of 7 servers allows every client to have solid and quick connection to the trading center. In case one of intermediate data centers is overloaded, client terminal automatically switches to less loaded data center.

InstaForex trading server in the U.S.A. has 5 data centers and intended for clients all over the world, particularly, from Europe and Russia. Powerful technical innovations and reliable data channels provided by one of the best American providers make InstaForex trading server in the U.S.A. popular among the clients from Europe.

InstaForex trading server in Singapore ( has 2 data centers and is used by the company's clients from countries of Middle East and South Asia. Short-time access to the server makes it attractive for Asian clients, who appreciate the speed of trading. Two data centers maintained by the leading providers of the largest Asian financial center - Singapore - distribute the load on the trading server in order to guarantee ceaseless access.

Regardless of the residence, new InstaForex customers can choose one of seven trading servers of the company depending on their preferences. Every InstaForex trading server is a reliable tool for managing your investments through the Internet and the difference in server access time around the world does not exceed 0.2 second. Many clients open several accounts on different servers and get the opportunity to evaluate the quality of each server in practice.

Does InstaForex Company provide services of ECN broker?

InstaForex Company is an international online forex broker offering its customers a full range of universal instruments to trade on Forex, including the ECN services. Learn more about ECN activity on the special page of the company's website.

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