Magazine "Mangust" №9(25) (March, 2010)

Tornado fight club – a sport emblem of Crimea!

Crimea is a very special Ukrainian city. It has its own peculiar customs and traditions, including those related to fighting. In 2009 many peninsula residents were still ignorant of such exciting sport as mixed fight. Despite its small size, the Crimean region has come to be famous for its rich sport resources. It has a number of awarded sportsmen including Olympic winners. In November 2009 in Simferopol Tornado fight club organized the first large-scale Grand Mix Fight 2009 tournament. This spectacular event took place in the city circus and gave rise to another sport tradition. The tournament was great success and gained much publicity. Such sportsmen as Alexandr Agafonov and Artem Egorov made their first appearance on the squared circle at Grand Mix Fight 2009.

The second Grand Mix Fight tournament was not long to come. It was held in the city circus in April, 2010. The event drew the attention of plenty people. Another sell-out, another success! Mix fight was increasingly popular. That summer we dared to do what seemed to be impossible. We meant to arrange a tournament in the legendary Genoese fortress in Sudak (Eastern coast of Crimea). Despite much dissuasion and pessimistic forecasts, we still insisted on arranging this tournament. We decided to call it the Genouese battle. Pessimistic forecasters turned out to be right to certain extent: we did have difficulties when arranging this outstanding event. For instance, it took nearly two days to set up the squared circle. But the result was worth the effort we made! The tournament was tremendous indeed. This is something to be proud of and to tell children about. It proved to be really breath-taking! Just imagine: it was under the mild Crimean skies in the historically significant place where real battles occurred many years ago! The event was attended by tourists from the CIS countries, Germany, Belgium, Finland etc. According to our estimations, the number of visitors exceeded 5000 people!

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Magazine "Mangust" №8(20) (May-June, 2011)

The first step of Ukraine Grand Mix Fight & PROFC Cup

April 15 was marked with the first step of Grand Mix Fight & PROFC Cup among professionals held in Simferopol. The comfortable hall of Simferopol State Circus again welcomed fans and supporters from all parts of Ukraine. Besides fans from Crimea, people from Kiev, Donetsk, Odessa, Kherson, Lvov, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Sevastopol and other cities of our country came to support the fighters.

At 19:00 everyone was already anxiously expecting for the mix fight show to begin! 13 uncompromising, spectacular and catching encounters excited and entertained the audience, fighting was accompanied by tremendous applause. People were absorbed by breathtaking knock outs and submission holds of the best sportsmen in Ukraine! The tournament was enthralling indeed due to proficiency and will-to-win spirit of the participants. Furthermore, the tournament was perfectly organized, so it appeared to be absolutely seamless. Over 4 mln. people watched the live broadcast on TV and over 12000 people observed the online broadcast!

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Magazine "Mangust" №4-№5 (August 2011)

Ukranien Cup Grand Mix Fight & ProFC2011: Results of Second Round

The second round of Ukranian Cup Mix Fight among professions was held on July 10 in Sevastopol. The tournament took place at the Kharasho international entertainment complex on the Black Sea shore. Fresh Crimean air of the most beautiful place of Sevastopol must have helped athletes to show their worth: 90% of all matches were won before the end. All fighting techniques were there, from choke and compression holds to knockouts. The tournament results are the following.

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