It is crucial to find a reliable broker that can provide solutions for investors with different levels of competence. Through supreme customer service and diverse financial instruments, InstaForex delivers on all counts.

When all global financial platforms are easily accessible, you can break new ground in profit-making. From ECN forex to the markets of derivatives and commodities, InstaForex gives free rein to its customers in choosing the most convenient trading instruments and terms. This allows clients to work with classic currency instruments, "special tools", shares, indices, and futures CFDs. In addition the company has four types of account tailored to suit each and every trading strategy. This includes cent accounts that can be chosen for small deposits, as the minimum volume equals 0.0001 of a trading lot. To optimise trading and arrange the working process, a trader can set the required leverage individually from 1:1 to 1:1,000.

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Smooth start

Any theoretical knowledge requires practice, and foreign exchange transactions are no exception. Market experts underscore that newcomers have so many questions, even after taking a profound theoretical course. Hence, the majority of first-timers opt for demo accounts.

A demo account allows users to try and master the market, learn the features of a trad­ing platform and test trader instruments – free of charge. However, clients should be aware of the psychological factor — here, you have no capital at risk. Without this component forex turns to gambling, while the fear of loss serves as a great stimulator that disciplines, organises, and ensures that trading is taken seriously.

One way to attain the required experience is to open a cent or mini account. It is the cent that serves as monetary unit in such trading accounts. InstaForex offers two types of cent accounts: Cent.Standard and Cent.Eurica. They are developed for beginners to take their first steps in the world of forex – those who wish to dip their toes in the trading waters, without putting big money at risk. On the flip side, live trading will provide invaluable experience. Users will get the whole range of services; the only thing that makes a difference is trading volumes. It is a good chance to test strategies and groundwork without using huge capitals. Thus, you can start with either a demo or a cent account making the initial leap onto the forex ladder.

Time-saving technologies

With the introduction of innovative techniques and new technologies, the quality of brokerages’ services improve dramatically, enhancing a trader’s performance by saving pains, money, and time. For instance, a bank card can be used today for purchasing services and accessing a trad­ing account, allowing users to focus solely on the trading process. InstaForex was the first to launch such a service, with the InstaForex Benecard, which empowers its owners to deposit or withdraw money from their accounts wherever they are.

Increasing opportunities for each trading account, an unrivalled InstaWallet system ena­bles customers to transfer funds between their accounts with the company. In no time you can share your deposit with relatives, colleagues, friends or acquaintances. These innovations are designed to make life easy for beginners and to promote forex to those for who time is of the essence. For example, it is possible to copy successful deals by adjusting subscription parameters with the ForexCopy system. Thanks to this service, beginners can analyse strategies of more experienced col­leagues, working out their own strategies and getting profit at the same time. Professional traders who offer their positions for copying also get a commission.

Another source of income for those who might lack the spare time for trading is the PAMM system specially developed by Insta­Forex. You invest money in a PAMM account (a kind of trust management on forex) and do your routine, while the managing trader brings you profit. The PAMM system lets investors, managing traders, and partners who refer money to the PAMM projects, increase their capitals. The profit received from the closed trades is calculated and allocated automati­cally to the sums invested by participants, in compliance with the terms of the relevant PAMM project. InstaForex guarantees total control and monitoring of all operations and ensures protection from money withdrawal by a managing trader.

Strong service game

High-quality technical and consulting service on forex is half the battle for fruitful and stable work. InstaForex guarantees its customers 100 percent support by keeping in touch with them round the clock. By answering all questions at a time convenient for the client, users are ensured of competent solutions to all problems at any time.

A constantly updated website can be con­sidered an indication of good service rendered by a broker. If you have just started exploring the world of forex, reference materials will prove to be of great help. And when qualita­tive analytical material is at your disposal, it is much easier to keep abreast of the latest macroeconomic news and important financial events. InstaForex takes care of its customers and provides them with relevant information in the form of economic news, analytical reviews, expert interviews, and video reports.

Undoubtedly, it is a pleasure to work when a broker ensures uninterrupted trading. Insta­Forex has elaborated a wide network of ten trading servers and data centres that distribute trading signals. The company introduced a lucrative VPS Hosting program, which enti­tles investors to use a virtual private server. Depending on the trading balance, the cost of the service varies. Having an account balance over $5,000, a trader can employ the service for free.

Today, convenience of work on the cur­rency market is not a luxury but a necessity. The opportunity to move with the times allows traders to increase their efficiency and achieve a new level of proficiency. That is why the key factor for choosing a broker is its innovative component and a diversity of opportunities for self-realisation on forex. It is no coincidence that InstaForex has chosen red as its corporate colour as it stands for a pro-active attitude, determination, and focus on success – showing that the broker takes care of its customers. The young com­pany has earned an excellent international reputation in six years, having gained the confidence of thousands of clients. It has also gone on to win numerous financial awards and prestigious titles –most recently being awarded European CEO’s Best Global Retail FX Broker – 2013.

European CEO Magazine, Autumn 2013

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