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Getting the full range of services from one provider, supplier, seller, or broker is the most common desire of consumers. In other words, they want to be a part of a certain segment of a market. Of course, the best thing is when a provider offers exclusive, high-quality, and advanced set of services for a fairly reasonable price. Today, a forex trader has to look for the key service —access to the market — at one broker, to watch financial information on a website of some news agency, and to follow forex analyses in various blogs and forums. It is utterly inconvenient to use and manage these resources in one browser, one monitor, and combine all these information in the way it brings a wishful result to a trader helping him to take correct and efficient decisions in trading

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However, if you spend a little more time, you will find a very universal provider of forex services. InstaForex and its website can satisfy needs of any trader despite his experience and trading strategy. First of all, InstaForex is a global large solid broker, which received over 20 international awards in 7 years of its existence.There were such prizes as Best Forex broker in Asia by World Finance Awards, Best Retail Broker by European CEO Awards, and others. Secondly, over one million traders all over the world work with InstaForex. And thirdly, InstaForex earned a name of the most advanced forex market participant as it keeps launching unique and unparalleled services and products such as PAMM accounts, ForexCopy (an innovative service enabling copying orders of successful forex traders), InstaWallet (a funds transfer system), and many others. More than that, InstaForex holds different campaigns and contests with a prize pool of more than $1 million. Every year, one InstaForex client wins a luxury car Lotus or Porsche. Above all, InstaForex website is a huge storage of content constantly updated online and giving every company’s customer trading on Forex an information base for successful and effective decisions. You can find everything from news tickers and news feeds to analytical reviews and TV news channel on the broker’s official website. A big team of InstaForex analysts consisting of recognized forex professionals, who have worked on Forex for years, educational projects, publications, and researches will guide you in the world of Forex with dozens of daily forecasts and weekly reviews. InstaForex TV team releases several news videos on the current market situation every day.

Concluding, we can confidently say that having started cooperation with InstaForex, you obtain a universal provider of the widest range of services and products, which are accessible on Forex. It is convenient trading conditions, a high business status and solid reputation, 24-hour support, up-to-date services and products, including InstaRebate project, and strong informational support. InstaForex is always on the move developing the most innovative technologies and offering to try them to its clients first.

IAIR Magazine, January – March 2014

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