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Before approaching to its midpoint, the year of 2014 has already demonstrated an intense economic and political activity worldwide. While some countries are still trying to get through the crisis aftermath; the others are struggling to take control of inflation and GDP playing with the interest rates; still others struggle for the world supremacy. All that cannot but affect the exchange rates, which sometimes lag behind the events, but sometimes anticipate them. Most of analysts and experts are of the opinion that 2014 is going to be a bumpy ride for currencies, or, speaking in professional parlance, it will be a year of volatility. The Fed will continue winding down the stimulus measures; the ECB is likely to cut the benchmark interest rate bringing it into negative territory. Meanwhile, the emerging markets are expected to take drastic action to maintain the economic growth. That guarantees pretty lively and rich year to be continued in terms of speculative maneuvers for the forex market.

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In case you are about to take a stab at Forex, now is the high time for you to hit the road. You still have time to give demo trading a try, to learn a trading platform, and then to change over to cent account and learn various trading strategies so that to strike out for trading on real accounts dealing with real money. Being well-grounded and coolheaded is all you need to generate even higher income than ever.

However, entering the market is easy, but finding a broker perfect for you is a true challenge. In 2014, the number of brokers rendering their services on the market almost hit the ceiling. To date, there are more than 2,000 forex brokers of all hues; the lion’s share of them is run-of-the-mill. So, it is vitally important to choose the right, big, and acknowledged broker like InstaForex. Choosing a brokerage in 2014 has nothing to do with student start-up or investing into unknown Twitter in 2009. The rules are quite clear. A broker should be big and have a large customer base with offices around the world. Besides, a broker should work on the market for at least five years.

At first encounter with a broker ignore its jazzy website, but focus on the company’s prize pool, annual turnover of clients’ funds, internet presence, pagerank, headquarters office, and staff headcount. InstaForex, who has been working on the market for more than 9 years, is in the top 10 of the world’s leading brokers. The client base exceeded one million traders last year, while the annual prize pool goes beyond $500,000.

There are 200 InstaForex offices worldwide – from Indonesia and Malaysia to Germany and Latvia. InstaForex stands out from other brokers as it keeps developing trading technologies to provide its clients with up-to-the-minute and exclusive products and services.

But what is more important is that InstaForex guarantees high reliability and quality of its services ensuring safe trading conditions with no risk for the clients’ funds. Today InstaForex team comprises more than 1,000 various specialists, who have been working for the company for years to tailor it to the needs of each customer. Grab your chance to enter Forex in 2014 and be among InstaForex clients. Now is the best time to join the best broker.

Singapore Business Review Magazine, July 2014

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