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InstaForex offers clients a real informative hub containing a great deal of information such as news updates, surveys, and exclusive analytical reviews.

We are living in the time of game-changing news and a vast non-stop flows of information, which we are carefully monitoring every day. Someone follows sport events, some people are particularly interested in politics. However, financial and economic news is wildly accepted to be the top priority.

Somebody wonders, “Why should I be aware of crises, IMF bailout loans, expansion or contraction of China’s factory output, oil dynamics, and similar things irrelevant to my daily routine?” Is it so important to know trends in the global economy? Or is it wise to know in advance about a looming crisis or recession?

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Perhaps, it makes sense. Do you know there are at least several million or even hundred million people in the world who earn big money using knowledge which is common nowadays?

Indeed, they make good use of financial and economic news. These people are stock and currency traders. As their activities require, they should have their finger on the pulse of global finance. Moreover, they have to be alert to all developments and respond promptly to news by making their decisions largely depends on exact financial information provided on time.

Picking the right broker to gain decent profits
In the broadest sense, such information ensures steady profits. So, the thing of prime importance is to pick a reputable broker before you start trading. To gain decent profits, it is essential to meet at least one of the three conditions: to have experience in trading, to have skills in technical analysis, or to be an expert in fundamental analysis.

In fact, it is hardly possible to trade and at the same time to search for relevant information through a myriad of web resources. For traders who prefer fundamental analysis or make trading decisions on the ground of news, InstaForex provides the best opportunities to earn on the market.

InstaForex is a world leader providing first-class and reliable brokerage services. Moreover, it is a real informative hub containing a great deal of information such as news updates, surveys, and exclusive analytical reviews.

You do not have to switch your mind from trading to checking news to make decisions. InstaForex will give you both. Vast informative and analytical resources available with InstaForex are a great solution for trading on Forex and monitoring news.

Being a client of InstaForex, every trader gains access to exclusive information updated online, analytical outlooks and reviews posted every 10 minutes as well as InstaForex TV, a special forex channel broadcasting new releases on a daily basis.

Sooner or later, you might want shift your attention away from trading based on fundamental analysis and try something different. In this case, InstaForex suggests a large number of services. For example, you can try a PAMM system as investor who puts one’s money in accounts of successful traders. You may consider the Forex Copy system, which enables a user to copy trades of skilled traders. Besides, you have other services at your disposal: InstaWallet (a multifunctional electronic service available to any account holder), WebTrader (a trading platform, which enables a client to trade in any convenient browser), free VPS hosting etc.

InstaForex was founded in 2007. At present, it is included in the Top Ten largest Forex brokers in the world. Over 2,000,000 people around the world have become clients of InstaForex. It has established over 200 regional offices in 50 countries. InstaForex has won 25 international awards such as the Best Forex Broker in Asia, the Best Retail Forex Broker, the Best ECN Broker, the Best Forex Broker Asia Pacific, and other prestigious awards.

InstaForex achievements have been acknowledged by World Finance Awards, European CEO Awards, UK Forex Awards, and International Finance Magazine.

Singapore Business Review, September 2015

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