Ideas-based trading

Ideas-based trading

Forex gained the confidence of active people investigating avenues of generating additional income long ago. Distance methods of earning are the most popular ones and attract the attention of the majority. Their unquestionable advantage is that they do not require any initial spending and time for transfers ― trading on Forex meets these requirements.

At present, hundreds of brokers offer their services on the foreign exchange market, including both small- and large-scale international brokerage companies providing a whole range of services. One of the companies offering comprehensive service is InstaForex, a broker actively introducing cutting-edge technologies.

It is a relatively new company, it has been operating on the market since 2007 and is now entering the constellation of leading brokers of the foreign exchange market. As of spring 2011, the number of the company's customers ran over 350,000 people from 60 countries, with nearly 100 offices all over the world. World Finance magazine has twice awarded InstaForex the title of Best Forex Broker in Asia – a quite impressive result for a four-year-old company.

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What are the prerequisites to such success? Definitely, the high quality of services rendered, considerable initial investments and a highly qualified team form the basis of this successful business. Yet, all these factors are secondary; the primary one is the ideas. And for InstaForex, this is the foundation to a successful business.

The idea at heart of InstaForex is offering the most convenient, transparent and safe trading in the world. These are the three pillars supporting positive relationships between a prosperous broker and a content client. If a trader is confident in his brokerage company, the brokerage company will be able to expand its clientele, strengthen its position and offer its traders more innovative technologies.

Today, apart from a wide range of trading instruments, InstaForex provides its clients with many market opportunities which are not given by other full-service brokers. First, every InstaForex client receives a 30% bonus for deposits to the trading account, regardless of the volume of funds invested or success record. No other broker offers so big bonuses.

Second, every InstaForex trader has access to up-to-date trading technologies such as the PAMM system, One Click Trading, InstaWallet, Option trading and InstaForex Bancard. All trading operations and funds of InstaForex customers are protected by a multi-level security system analogous to that of large international banks. In order to ensure its customers high quality and rapid trading, the company launched seven trading servers and 25 data centres in various points of the globe, and the number of its servers is increasing to match all the numerous customers and maintain excellent service.

All these ensure convenient, transparent and secure trading on Forex. InstaForex traders are provided with all the conditions necessary for successful working. They do not need to think about security of their funds, proper execution of orders, or worry about keeping up with new technologies appearing on the market.

World Finance Magazine; July-August, 2011

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