Online training course from Vyacheslav Ognev

Simplified Wave Analysis

Master the unique wave analysis technique that will enhance your trading efficiency several times! This course will help you receive a steady income from trading.
What is Simplified Wave Analysis?
This is an innovative technique developed by InstaForex analyst Vyacheslav Ognev. Today, he is considered one of the best experts in the Elliott Wave analysis.

Vyacheslav Ognev offers his own alternative approach to wave analysis based on classical theory, but it differs significantly from traditional approaches.

His technique makes it possible to predict the direction of future trends in the market as well as determine the most favorable entry points.

Simplified Wave Analysis is not just a fresh look at the wave theory but also a profitable trading strategy generating accurate signals on Forex. The technique has been successfully tested in the market for 9 years and has proved its efficiency.

4 out of 5 forecasts based on Vyacheslav Ognev's technique become a reality. That is, in 90% of cases, traders make a profit.

Of what is the course composed?

The course is devoted to the study of the Simplified Wave Analysis technique that allows you to predict future price movements more accurately.

All information is presented in an accessible and easy-to-understand way. So the course is suitable for both experienced traders and beginners.

The training course is composed of 10 lessons and is presented in 2 formats: textual lectures and video tutorials.

To gain free access to the textual lectures, open an InstaForex account and top it up with at least 500 USD.
The full catalog of materials, including video tutorials and lectures in PDF format, will become available after you open an account with InstaForex and deposit at least 1,000 USD.

Unique offer

Regardless of what training format you choose, after registering and making a deposit, all new InstaForex users will receive a complimentary course from Vyacheslav Ognev in classical wave analysis. It will help you quickly master the Simplified Wave Analysis technique.

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