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Forex trading video tutorials

Beginners will definitely find Forex trading videos represented on this page interesting and useful. Following instructions and recommendations of these video tutorials, you will learn how to effectively employ the ample resources of InstaForex official website and work on the MetaTrader platform. The video tutorials contain bit-by-bit instructions for account opening, placing an order, adding an indicator to the chart, registering with the PAMM system, activating the SMS security system and so on.

Watch the Forex trading video tutorials and be confident of your every step. Make sure that trading with InstaForex broker is very easy!

Demo account opening
The only distinction between a demo account and a live one is that in the first case the deposit is virtual. A demo account provides a great opportunity to get experience in trading on the currency market or to test the efficiency of a new trading system without risking money. The video below shows how to open a demo account with InstaForex Company.
Placing an order
An order is an instruction given to your Forex broker to execute a trade when certain conditions are met. There are several types of orders and several ways of placing an order. Orders fall into market and pending ones. From this video you will discover basic principles of trading on Forex and learn how to open and close orders in the MetaTrader terminal.
Trailing Stop
Trailing stop is a stop-loss order set at a specified distance from the price; it moves automatically as the price moves. This video outlines the algorithm of placing a trailing stop. Employ the trailing stop to automate deal opening and closing and to prevent losses.
Adjusting an indicator
In the trading terminal you can conduct your technical analysis with the help of embedded or downloaded indicators. Watch this video to learn how to add indicators and advisors to your charts and adjust them. Employing these programs will make your trading more effective.
Account opening
This video tutorial shows how to open a live account with InstaForex Company. First, read the provisions of the Public Offer Agreement, then, fill in the registration form and download a trading terminal - all these stages are represented in this video tutorial. After you register a trading account with InstaForex Company, you will get access to all the trading instruments and services the broker offers.
SMS Security
InstaForex Company provides reliable protection for trading accounts of its customers. Watch this video to learn how to activate a free service of SMS security to be 100% certain of your funds safety. After you activate the SMS security service, you shall be sent one-time passwords to withdraw funds from the account.
Managing multiple accounts
InstaForex customers are free to have as many accounts as they want. If you run several demo or live InstaForex accounts, you will surely find this video helpful: it is dedicated to switching among several InstaForex accounts which allows making trades quickly using different trading instruments and strategies.
Registering affiliate account
This video describes in details how easy it is to become an official partner of InstaForex. Here you can find out how to open an affiliate account, as well as the scheme of broker – partner relationship, key advantages of affiliate program and its types and also the ways to increase partner profit. InstaForex has one of the best affiliate programs on the market, and thousands of successful partners can confirm it.
PAMM accounts: general instructions
This is a video review of InstaForex PAMM system. Within the system of PAMM accounts you can invest funds in accounts of managing traders or, on the contrary, accept investments from other traders to manage. If you are already an InstaForex client, just register with the PAMM system to start handling investments. Note that the PAMM system is only available for accounts in US dollars.
PAMM trader
A PAMM trader (managing trader) operates a combination of his/her own funds and investments entrusted by other traders. As a reward for work with investments of others, managing traders get part of profit made. They determine which percentage of profit to take themselves. The video is a source of information on how to register a PAMM account and adjust its settings.
PAMM investor
A PAMM investor transfers part or all funds to the account of an experienced PAMM trader. An investor thus entrusts funds to a trader and becomes a shareholder of the PAMM trader account. Funds are credited and returned automatically; all trades are thoroughly monitored by the company. In addition, the company ensures safety of each customer capital. The video will teach you how to become a PAMM investor.
The ForexCopy System
A unique ForexCopy system that enables copying deals of successful traders was developed by InstaForex specialists for customers who want to learn from the best traders and earn at the same time. Our video will show you the ForexCopy functions, tell about its convenience and peculiarities, and help register and start trading.
InstaWallet System
This video introduces you to InstaWallet System, the tailor-made service by InstaForex. It enables traders to fulfill fast and secure transactions when transferring their own cash to a personal account or another customer’s account in the company, and also to withdraw money from a trading account. The InstaWallet activation is carried out via Client Cabinet and consists of just two easy steps. The detailed step-by-step guide is presented in the video.