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Miss Insta Asia 2015 beauty contest

InstaForex is glad to announce that the start of the sixth annual online beauty contest Miss Insta Asia 2015 has already started. First of October is good tradition of launching every international beauty marathon of InstaForex.

During its existence, the popular contest Miss Insta Asia has gained a huge number of fans, and most importantly - beautiful participants from around the world. Connoisseurs of beauty will see even more charming ladies from different countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Iceland, the UK, the US, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Iran, India, and China. Dive into the world of beauty. Vote for one or several contestants you like most!

The format, terms and rules of the online beauty contest are the same. The victory and prize pool of $45,000 will be shared between Miss Insta Asia, two Vice Misses, Forex Lady, and Insta Choice. The most beautiful ladies will be determined by the results of an open online voting.

Note that InstaForex traders have a privileged vote. Maybe it will be you to determine the distribution of places for the most gorgeous contestants of Miss Insta Asia 2015.

Final of the sixth season of the beauty contest will be held in a year - October 1, 2015. On this day five girls from around the world will confirm their status beauties in the contest Miss Insta Asia.

If you want to take part in the sixth season of the contest and jostle for the title of Miss Insta Asia 2015 or if you want to influence the current rating of the contestants, welcome to

Stunning victory with InstaForex!

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The Contest Results of Miss Insta Asia

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