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EURUSD 1.0735 1.0738
GBPUSD 1.4925 1.4928
USDJPY 119.66 119.69
USDCHF 0.955 0.9553
USDCAD 1.228 1.2283
EURJPY 128.46 128.49
EURCHF 1.0251 1.0256
GBPJPY 178.6 178.67
GBPCHF 1.4252 1.4259
GOLD 1202.39 1202.99

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In addition to the callback request (at present only English-, Indonesian- and Russian-speaking managers are available), you can also apply to one of InstaForex departments or find the necessary information in the Support section of our website created for our customers. The Support section contains much useful information, including answers to numerous questions arising in the process of trading, regardless of professional level and experience. The Support section subject catalogue is arranged in the easiest way for you to promptly get all the necessary information. The content of the section and its catalogue are regularly updated so they respond to the clients inquiries. In case you have difficulties in understanding a manager or the connection is poor, tell the manager your account number; you will then have an answer sent to the email address you specified at the stage of the account registration.

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