US becomes top importer of Russian ice cream in 2021

US becomes top importer of Russian ice cream in 2021

Not everybody knows that Russia exports not just natural resources and minerals. Russian ice cream has long been in demand abroad. The delicacy made in Russia enjoys worldwide popularity from China to the US.
Last year, the US became the number one importer of Russian ice cream. The country purchased 10.6 thousand tons of ice cream worth $29 million. Kazakhstan, the second-largest importer, bought 9.9 thousand tons worth $23 million. In Mongolia, supplies surged by 7.1% to 2.2 thousand tons. Ukraine, China, and Senegal were also among the top 5 buyers of Russian ice сream last year. In general, Russia delivers the product in 45 countries. In 2021, its ice cream exports grew by a record 50% to $86 million. Supply volumes jumped by 26% and exceeded 33 thousand tons.
According to Streda Consulting CEO Alexey Gruzdev, the US and Canada have become important markets for Russia in recent years. However, supplying ice cream to other post-Soviet markets can now be challenging. Therefore, it can take time to diversify supply geography. Russia can significantly strengthen its position in China. Likewise, the countries of Africa and the Persian Gulf are seen as promising markets.


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