Biden addresses US baby milk shortage

Biden addresses US baby milk shortage

The United States always makes sure that every product meets safety and quality standards, especially when it is about children. Simple suspicion that a product might be contaminated is enough to recall it. This is exactly what happened to baby formula. 
Federal inspectors spotted the potential for baby formula made at an Abbott Laboratories plant to become contaminated with bacteria. As a result, all products manufactured at the plant were removed from the market. About 40-50% of milk formula in the country is now out of stock. The problem got so serious that it drew the attention of the Biden administration. The president promised to tackle the shortage, simplify the bureaucratic procedures that govern the entry of formula into stores, and take action against infant milk firms engaged in deceptive practices and price gouging.
In addition, Biden held a series of meetings with the country’s largest retail sales and baby milk producers to find a solution to the problem and improve access to baby formula. 
Earlier, the US leader put the blame for the economic crisis in the country on Republicans. "I don't want to hear Republicans talk about deficits and their Ultra-MAGA Agenda. I want to hear about fairness. I want to hear about decency," the president said. MAGA – Make America Great Again – was a campaign slogan used by Donald Trump in his presidential campaign.


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