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Europe braces for upcoming winter

Europe is hurtling into the Middle ages, preparing for a severe winter this year. Europeans are suffering from fuel scarcity and high prices. Newspapers report that European countries are going through a deep economic and social crisis. Some people have to leave their living habits and comfort behind and prepare for the new reality. In the UK, financial hardship has prompted many to abandon their pets. Meanwhile, schools warned that they cannot afford new textbooks due to a hike in energy prices. According to The Washington Post, the government of Poland consider distributing anti-smoke masks as Poles intend to burn garbage to keep warm in the winter. In addition, many European countries have found their “last refuge” in firewood due to high energy prices. The newspaper pinpoints that some people, sensing the opportunity, steal tree trunks from truck platforms. “There will be poor people who will face the alternative of either starving or freezing,” poverty researcher Christoph Butterwegge said.


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