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Trump blames Biden for economic slump

US former president Donald Trump has admitted that all the forecasts about the US collapse are already coming true.
Donald Trump honestly described the current state of affairs. He openly said that the country was diminishing in power and no longer set global trends. Donald Trump disclosed his view on the situation in Truth Social, a social network created by Trump Media & Technology Group. 
“China, Russia, and Iran, not to mention North Korea and other countries, have placed the US in a very bad and dangerous position. They are dividing up the World as we sit around and let them do it,” the post reads. The former president pinpoints that the US is a country in decline with open borders, electoral fraud, and a weak economy seriously affected by inflation. The country no longer sets global trends. Instead, it has to follow them.
Donald Trump also criticizes the current US leader, saying that he is doing nothing to improve the situation. Not so long ago, the ex-president accused the White House administration of establishing a foreign policy that forced Russia to strengthen ties with China.


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