ForexCopy Traders

The innovative ForexCopy system by InstaForex invites traders to register with the system and provide a paid service of copying their trades to Followers. By giving access to the copying, ForexCopy Traders receive a commission per every copied trade or a commission per every day of subscription.

To become a ForexCopy Trader, open a live account on any InstaForex server and register with the ForexCopy system as a trader. After the registration, set the terms of copying for your Followers and select one of the following payment options

Commission per profitable trade:

  • commission per trade is paid by the ForexCopy Follower for profitable deals only;
  • commission per 0.01 lot is paid by the ForexCopy Follower for 0.01 lot of profitable deals only;
  • profit share is paid by the ForexCopy Follower for profitable deals only.

Commission per lots traded:

  • commission per 0.01 lot copied to the ForexCopy Follower’s account and closed with either profit or loss. This type of commission is charged for both profitable and loss-making deals and is paid by Followers at the end of the day;
  • 0.5 pip commission per 1 lot traded by every ForexCopy Follower. This type of commission is charged for both profitable and loss-making deals. Importantly, InstaForex pays this commission, thus enabling ForexCopy traders to make their project free of charge for Followers and boost its popularity.

Commission per subscription day:

  • the commission per subscription day is paid daily, excluding the days when Forex market is closed for holidays (December 25th and January 1st) or weekends (Saturday and Sunday).

After registration in the ForexCopy system, your trading account is added to the public monitoring list that is visited by thousands of potential Followers who search for top investment projects every day. The ForexCopy system does not limit the number of Followers the Trader may have: they may provide their deal for copying to tens, hundreds or even thousands of Followers worldwide. The copying system is fully automated and does not require any additional actions from the Trader thus enabling them to concentrate on Forex trading.

ForexCopy Traders have an opportunity to copy deals of other ForexCopy Traders by selecting them from the monitoring list. Linking a group of traders whose orders are copied in an integrated manner, a Follower may cover possible losses or join a group of other Followers and copy deals of one Trader on a smaller scale. A Trader may combine different trading methods, technical and fundamental analyses by copying orders of other Traders, analyzing their strategies and averaging the risks.

Depending on a payment option, ForexCopy Traders receive a commission by the end of the day or after the subscription is cancelled. The Trader may set a commission per subscription day and receive a commission every day. If Traders set up a commission per trade, they get commissions for every profitable trade after their Follower cancel the subscription. In the latter case a commission is calculated on the basis of the trading result (total profit and total loss) obtained within the period of subscription to a ForexCopy trader. The commission per lots traded is credited daily on those days when deals are copied to the Follower’s account. All commissions are paid automatically with no additional actions required. Both the Trader and the Follower may monitor a current amount of commission to be paid online.

Simultaneous registration in ForexCopy and PAMM systems.

InstaForex customers have a matchless opportunity to register in both systems using one trading account. Thus, trading one account, traders can not only provide their trades for copying within the ForexCopy system, but also accept investments in their PAMM projects. In their turn, InstaForex customers are free to choose the way they want to make money from performance of traders registered in both systems. That is, they can copy traders’ deals as ForexCopy followers or invest in their PAMM projects as PAMM investors.

ForexCopy Followers

The ForexCopy system by InstaForex provides investors with a wide range of financial services. Using a revolutionary approach to investments in ForexCopy projects and reconsidering the basic principles of payment settlements between a Trader and a Follower, InstaForex has developed the ForexCopy system, an unprecedented service in online brokerage.

  • The ForexCopy system ensures online copying of orders opened by top Traders. The risk of loss can be reduced by copying trades of several traders and choosing a combination of their strategies based on technical and fundamental analyses.
  • ForexCopy followers do not transfer their funds to ForexCopy Traders’ accounts. The money remains on the Follower’s trading account under their control. Therefore, the Follower will not have to request a chargeback from the Trader’s account.
  • Followers can adjust the copying ratio. This option may prove to be efficient when the Follower wants to reduce the risks of 1 to 1 copying ratio or when the Follower does not have enough money to copy all trades.
  • The ForexCopy system allows Followers to choose which currency pairs to copy. This parameter is set by the Follower when subscribing to a particular Trader. The Follower can always change the list of trading instruments without canceling the subscription.
  • When adjusting the extended subscription parameters, the Follower can set the trades volume range. The Lot Range option allows Followers to copy only trades that fall into the selected range (minimum and maximum volume). Besides, the Followers can set the parameters when maximum and minimum volumes are exceeded. When the Fixed Lot parameter is used, all trades of a fixed volume are copied from the Trader’s account.
  • ForexCopy Followers pay commissions for copying of either all deals or only for profitable ones depending on the commission type set by the ForexCopy Trader. If they pay for profitable deals only, the profit should exceed the commission amount paid by the Follower to the Trader for copying orders. The Follower is not obliged to pay for losing trades. This type of commission favours Followers and protects their interests.
  • If the Follower selects a Trader who charges daily commission, then they should pay for every day of subscription except for the days when Forex market is closed for holidays (December 25th and January 1st) or weekends (Saturday and Sunday). ForexCopy traders can set this type of commission calculation based on the strategy they use.
  • The trades copying can be free for the followers if the ForexCopy trader sets the commission per traded lots, which is paid by InstaForex.

To start copying trades, the follower needs to open a live account on any InstaForex server and register with the ForexCopy system as a follower. After the registration, the follower can look through the monitoring list and copying terms, which traders set to provide their services. The follower also gets an opportunity to set subscription parameters for every trader by selecting currency pairs and the copying ratio.

Subscription parameters are set for every trader individually and can be changed without canceling the subscription. In case the Trader changes the payment options, this move will not affect followers, who have already subscribed to this trader. The system protects the Followers against any corrections made by the trader at his sole discretion and guarantees that copying terms accepted by the follower will be met.

The system is fully automated and does not require any additional actions from the follower. After the trader has approved the subscription, the follower may have to wait for about 15 minutes until the ForexCopy system is ready to copy trader’s orders. Every follower can monitor the statistics on trading and account balance in Client Cabinet.

All the options copied in the ForexCopy system are displayed on the pages of the Forex Options section in your Client Cabinet.

Depending on a payment option, the trader receives a commission by the end of the trading day or after the subscription has been cancelled. The trader may set the daily commission and receive a commission every day, or a commission per trade and receive a commission for every profitable trade after his follower cancels the subscription. All commission types are credited automatically with no additional actions required. Both the trader and the follower can monitor the current amount of commission to be paid online.

Followers of the ForexCopy system can upgrade their profile and become traders with a right to copy orders of other traders. To enable this option, they choose the corresponding parameter in the Profile. Besides, an account of an upgraded follower will be included in the monitoring list of the ForexCopy system.

Trades Copying

The ForexCopy system is designed to enable Forex traders to online copy orders of successful traders. Every user of the ForexCopy system may follow profitable trading strategies by selecting Traders in the public monitoring list and copying their successful trades.

The ForexCopy system users can operate both classic trading instruments and currency options. A ForexCopy follower may copy options contracts from a ForexCopy trader`s account using the wide selection of options` nominal values.

Any ForexCopy user may copy trades of other users and allow any user to copy his trades.

The ForexCopy system has an extended list of the payment options. A ForexCopy Trader receives a commission for allowing one or more ForexCopy Followers to copy his trades. There is also a commission per copied trade, a commission per day and a trade profit share. If a Follower chooses the latter, he pays only for profitable copied trades.

Besides, a ForexCopy trader can make his services free of charge for the followers. In this case InstaForex is to pay commission to the trader.

There are no restrictions on a number of copied deals of several Traders: you may adjust the system to copy all their trades.

Any InstaForex customer may register in the ForexCopy system and follow as many successful Traders as he wants. There are no special restrictions on registration in the InstaForex system. Moreover, the service is provided free of charge.

Payment Options

The ForexCopy system by InstaForex allows investors to copy the trades of top ForexCopy Traders. Why is this system interesting for mature traders? Providing their service, ForexCopy Traders receive a commission for copied profitable trades, a commission for lots traded, or a commission for every subscription day.

There are several ways to reward the ForexCopy traders, who provide their trades for copying to the Followers. Registering with the system, a Trader selects one of the following payment options:

  • daily commission (the Followers are charged with the commission at the end of every trading day except for days off on Forex markets);
  • commission per every trade opened within the ForexCopy subscription;
  • profit share paid by the Followers;
  • commission for the volume of copied trades closed with either profit or loss;
  • free copying (the Trader receives the commission per lots traded from the broker).

The ForexCopy Traders set up payment options at registering in the system. Each payment option is set individually for every ForexCopy subscription: one Trader can receive the commission from the Followers in various ways: per one day, per one trade or profit share.

The opportunity to choose and change the payment options for ForexCopy subscription allows for creating highly convenient conditions for both members of the system: someone values the opportunity to pay after the profit is derived (profit share payment), others prefer to pay per every trade. The freedom of choice and the freedom of offer are the components of the ForexCopy system success, which make it attractive for Traders who strive to earn both from their own trading and from rendering the service of copying their trades.

Forex Signals

The ForexCopy system by InstaForex provides a unique opportunity for providers of Forex signals to distribute their services online among private traders.

The ForexCopy system is a user-friendly service which is designed to enable customers to copy trades by subscribing to successful traders. Imposing neither restrictions on the use of Expert Advisors, nor other limits, the ForexCopy system provides the best opportunity for those who would like to sell Forex signals.

The ForexCopy system is a simple way to sell signals. It provides a fully automated interface of paid subscription to your trades and automatic crediting of payments to your account along with an opportunity to monitor money transfers for your signals from hundreds or even thousands of subscribers.

After registration in the ForexCopy system, your account is automatically added in the public monitoring of traders which is visited by thousands of traders every day. The monitoring provides you with Followers who you have never met before, who live in different countries and even speak different languages.

The only requirement you should meet to sell Forex signals in the ForexCopy system is to have a trading account with InstaForex. Start trading and others will copy your trades!

If you are not experienced in trading but can recognize successful traders, subscribe to their trades and resell their signals to your customers!

Sound advice: Being a Forex Signal Provider, use an advantage of the ForexCopy system and embed your affiliate code in the link forwarding to a trader you have chosen. If your customers follow this link and decide to copy orders of this trader, you will receive a commission from each trade they make.

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