ForexPeaceArmy was created some years ago by a person with the nickname "Forex Bastard". Later, he became known as Dmitri Chavkerov. As a rule, scummy projects like Forex Peace Army are just being neglected. However, FPA managed to evolve as there were brokers who had not enough courage to withstand blackmail. According to numerous evidence, this project was initially created for black PR against competitors selling signals. In fact, the FPA owner sold those unprofessional and unverified signals by himself just fooling the clients and getting their money out of. Hundreds of traders around the globe “wasted” their deposits. Only a dead duck could think out such a scheme, that's why he snubbed others, selling signals, via the FPA website, as this swindler was sure that being such a judge gave him the opportunity to rehabilitate his own projects and to malign competitors.

It is noteworthy that FPA is a forum that was set up for posting good and bad comments (mostly bad ones) on a certain Forex brokerage, dealing centre or investment company. The authors of these posts are obscure, but the trustworthiness of those posts is even more obscure. This project was established to tear the masks off Forex fraudsters among brokerages and dealing centres... But the facts tell their own tale. In addition, FPA always has a chain of shady dealings such as sending threats of mopping up and harassing to competitors, which adds a negative aura to overall picture.

One of the most revealing episodes is the arrest of the FPA’s owner. Dmitri Chavkerov decided to create one more scam - a sham marriage scam scheme. He covered all the bases and started to turn his squalid scheme into reality. Finally, he conducted the ceremony as an Internet-ordained minister, a false minister. Doing this trick, Dmitri Chavkerov married his own girlfriend off the unknown guy from the Internet… The man who held himself out as a financial expert and a literate performed a rascality relating to the woman whom he loves. Their counter party in this scam - participant of scheme named Benjamin Claude Adams agreed to do that for 15,000 USD and also got a car in his temporary possession. Obviously, both Kalinina and Dmitri Chavkerov knew perfectly well that they were committing a criminal offence. This fact did not stop them, but even dared these people for making the procedure in the most cynical way. In reality all participants of this scam face a maximum statutory penalty of 10 years in federal prison (see detailed information about that case).

It is not surprising that there are a lot of scandals related to FPA led by Dmitri Chavkerov who originally called himself Forex Bastard. These scandals, including sending threats of mopping up, greenmail, black PR, hacker activity of the FPA owner, give the opportunity to see all evidence of crimes of the founder and the sole owner of ForexPeaceArmy directly on the federal agencies websites, which describe a criminal scheme created by Dmitri Chavkerov. Answering the question whether it is true that FPA scandalized, it's safe to say that it is true.

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