The Wonderful World of Forex has Never Been so Close

The Wonderful World of Forex has Never Been so Close

Investment attractiveness of various markets is hardly stable. Most often investors favor one or another market or a market segment. However, there is one market that becomes an efficient investment platform when other markets are reeling from illiquidity, or excessive volatility and uncertainty. What type of the market is it? In fact, it is the one that serves all the rest markets providing them with cash. The foreign exchange market is considered a safe investment harbor giving quick capital gains and an intermediate between other markets. But its main feature is flexibility. Forex can be a good investment target, regardless of the political or economic background. Investors can take advantage from it even in crisis times, both in a regional and global scale. Whatever happens in the world, Forex will always respond to all newsworthy events and speculations, thus inviting investors to make some money. However, it is generally admitted that forex trading is not a breeze; it is a hard work, pure and simple. And if you are a person of great ambition, you have to sweat your guts out. Moreover, to start your trading career, you need to find a broker to be your guide, counselor and assistant in the field of foreign exchange investing. With all the abundance of brokers and dealing centers, you should choose from the top 10, at least from the top 20 leading and proven ones.

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InstaForex has been among the world’s ten best brokers for several years. The company was established at the beginning of online trading. It managed to fill a niche in the market and was one of the pioneers in providing customers with not only high-quality service and favorable trading conditions, but also with cutting-edge technology. Today, InstaForex has more than 1,200,000 clients in more than 70 countries, 250 offices and a team of several hundred professionals. But let’s get back to the matter at hand. By no means all beginning traders regard themselves as potential professionals devoting their time to technical analysis and keeping abreast of market quotes in real time. Most of newcomers having some amount to start with want to make some money with minimal time spent on trading. Insta- Forex offers a range of services especially for this type of traders, enabling them to feel part of the market with no need to spend all their free time on trades. First of all, let’s start with PAMM accounts. It is one of the most simple and intuitive services. The PAMM system is an investment model within a broader model of currency investing. There is a great deal of professional traders registered with InstaForex PAMM system. They have solid trading experience and offer investors to put money into their trades and let capitalists get subsequent share of profit proportionate to their investment. In other words, experienced traders accept investments in their trading and then distribute profits between their investors. An advantage of the PAMM system is that capable traders can trade greater sums, thus getting bigger profits. Meanwhile, investors choose credible traders based on extensive information available and invest in them without wasting time on individual market research. Thanks to InstaForex PAMM system, it is possible to make profits and be a good investor without losing precious time. Another system provided by InstaForex is even simpler allowing traders to trade on their own. It is ForexCopy, a system copying deals of successful traders. The idea of the service is that novices do not invest in successful traders, as in the PAMM system. They subscribe to traders’ deals, getting all their trading data and following them step-by-step. The ForexCopy system by InstaForex gives newbies a chance not to wander around dark corners of the currency market, but to follow in successful traders’ footsteps. Thus, they will boost overall profitability of their trades and their trading skills. Anyway, copying deals of experienced traders, a beginner gains an insight into their methodology, logic and strategy. Summing up, there is nothing to fear in the modern forex market. Yes, it is complex, but versatile on the other hand. It runs the gamut of possibilities so that anyone with the desire to earn can take advantage of it, regardless of their expertise and time they can devote. InstaForex business creed has included this concept from the very beginning. Insta-Forex is the company that has made a significant contribution to the contemporary forex market, making it as accessible as it is now.

IAIR Magazine, July – December 2014

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