Affiliate code in work:

  • Imbedding the Affiliate code in HTML-, PHP- or another informer type;
  • The client's redirect from the informer's link comprising the Affiliate code;
  • Saving the Affiliate code in cookies of the client's computer browser;
  • The client's registration of a trading or a partner account with Instaforex;
  • Automatic recording of the Affiliate code which was saved in the cookies of the client and adding this opened account in the Affiliate's group;
  • Paying the commissions to the Affiliate from the trades conducted by the client of his affiliate group.

In addition to a wide assortment of informers with the Affiliate code imbedded that Instaforex offers to its Affiliates for being added to their resources, there are also numerous marketing and promotional tools which can become an effective element of design thus increasing the informativity of the Affiliate website and attract new customers, in such a way enhancing the sum of the commissions earned.

The Affiliate code can be imbedded in the link to any page of the Instaforex official website, as well as in the links to other partner resources, in particular, mt5.com and miss-instaforex-asia.com.

Learn more about working as an Affiliate, the types of Affiliate programmes and the advantages of Instaforex partnership following: partners.instaforex.com.

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