Captain of cargo ship blamed for blocking Suez Canal

Captain of cargo ship blamed for blocking Suez Canal

Many are trying to blame the captain of the Ever Given container vessel for the incident in the Suez Canal. According to Suez Canal Chairman Osama Rabie, he suffered huge losses after the canal's closure halted traffic on the shortest sea route between Europe and Asia in the period of March 23 to March 28.

Notably, the Suez Canal was blocked by a giant container ship. Only six days later, shipping was on the move again after the Ever Given was refloated with the help of tugs.

Experts believe that a detailed investigation will determine whether the ship's captain followed the instructions of the Suez Canal guide. Accordingly, the injured party will seek compensation for damages from the blockage. Rabie claims that the lion's share of responsibility for the incident lies with the captain of the Ever Given. The head of the Suez Canal Authority assures that he is not at fault. Strong winds were not the main reason for the giant container ship’s grounding and never led to the closure of the canal, he noted.

The captain bears sole responsibility for directing the vessel. The final decision always rests with the shipmaster, the Suez Canal Authority stressed.


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